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Divergent 3 - Allegiant (2016)

Allegiant (2016)

I'm losing track of the differences between The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games and this one a bit... but it comes back with each sequel. After a while. I'm glad this year marks the end of two out of three of these very familiar trilogies though - of which one is more than a trilogy, and the other has an unknown number of sequels yet in store. It'll make it easier to distinguish between them. The one, I mean.

But as for this series? The first was great, the second not so, and this one goes from not so to great again It didn't have the best middle section, as didn't the last, but the ending was just perfect! Great finale.

The story before it feels vaguely familiar though. Tris is breaking free. She's venturing outside the wall with her friends. She meets the 'resistance'. She's betrayed. Tension rises. She makes the best of it.

It's a girl movie in so many ways, and though all of these series are, this one feels like one the most. The girl gets her way. Always. She fucks up, but still ends up saving the world. Her boyfriend (the alpha) is always on her side, dangerous yet self-sacrificing. She confronts her father figure. She puts herself in danger, but never gets hurt. She's full of doubts, and makes mistakes, yet is honest and well-willing, and everyone around her steps in to help and protect her, and though she doesn't feel like leading, cruel times call for a leader.

Ugh, it's all so cheesy! So romanticized and unrational, and though the idea of a main character that can't survive without others doesn't seem unreasonable in any way, the way they present her makes her seem like the least qualified one in the bunch to do any of what she does: not at all befit to lead, not worthy of admiration, and most of all not up for the challenge. She rises above each challenge although she shouldn't be able to, and it's not because she's an underdog (which would be better) but because they angle the script, and focus on portraying her through her weaknesses more than her strengths. It just feels wrong, and in the end I don't get as thorough a rollercoaster as I feel I could have from this movie.

It's more like a holographic projection of one. I can't immerse myself into the story like this, and I can't share into the emotions of the characters in full when everything is told through such a limited character perspective, with such an angled presentation, and though it doesn't work for me maybe the intended effect works well for the intended audience - the opposite gender. Much like Twilight (which I haven't seen yet, but you know - stereotypes).

It wasn't a bad finale, but I believe it could've catered to a wider audience without sacrificing anything, just like the last one could. The action was decent, and I don't mind a soapy love story if it's done right, but this is all Tris and nothing else. It could've been so much more.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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