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Don (2006)

I am really getting into the groove of these Bollywood movies!

When I watched Dhoom 1 and 2 it turns out I watched a couple of the best Bollywood movies I might ever watch, with amazing dance scenes, amazing chases; amazing fights... amazing everything compared to the (I suppose) more mediocre quality of the average Bollywood movie. In terms of realistic/majestic fighting, catchy tunes and car chases this one doesn't compare, but it was a great movie all the same, in other ways.

It's about a criminal, Don, about his double, Vijay, about a corrupt cop, two other gang leaders in the criminal organization where Don still isn't boss (hint hint), a girl, a kid, a victim... and about a lot of fates, all of them intertwined. The further it goes, the more it surprises, and only at the end is everything really revealed.

At times I'm thinking the acting could've been better; the main character isn't as sincere as he could be... or is he? Everyone's really not who they say they are, or who they seem to be, and at the end of it all... I'm both a little disappointed over the results, a little exalted over the clever plot that was actually a plan all along, yet at the same time a bit concerned about how things will turn out in the future for all characters who were who they seemed to be... and what about that kid? Who will take care of him now? Onto the sequel!

Btw, this isn't the best watch if you just want action, even if has plenty of that: jumps without parachutes, fistfights, gunfights, car chases; explosions. It was however one of the better plot-twisters I've seen in a while. Enjoy the ride!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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