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Doom (2005)

This movie was bad in so many ways. Bad because of all that it could have been. Bad because of all the original games were that this one was not. Bad because the third game was a third-rate game that didn't capture the essence of the originals more than a tiny bit - and the director who made this molded the movie after that third-rate game entirely.

The blood looked like paint buckets, the player IDs (an ode to id Software?) were more like gamer tags, and some of the 3D hasn't aged well... but it did have its bright sides too. The darkness, for one.

The entire movie played out in an underground lab, with a group of elite soldiers creeping through corridors and murky depths; getting killed off one by one by lab people gone crazy... it might sound cliche but they captured that cagey feeling well.

They brought in a good-looking doctor too (Rosamund Pike), The Rock was one scary Sarge gone wrong, and the plot played out in a vengeful way... it wasn't all bad after all.

With the isolated underground milieu and horror ambience it's almost like a mixture between Doom and Resident Evil... but a little bit worse.

Overall it's a gritty action movie with plenty of gamification and gore, and if you only forget to compare it to the iconic game franchise it was sculpted after and failed to measure up to... it's not a bad movie. For this review I feel I've made peace with my demons.

Props Karl Urban and Dwayne Johnson (and the rest) on a solid performance. For some reason I imagined Sanchez was in this movie too, but I guess I'm mixing it together with one from the SWAT franchise.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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