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Double Walker (2021)

Double Walker (2021)

A young woman's ghost investigates the mysterious events that led to her own murder.

You might've seen this story done before. With 'The Wishing Bones', with 'White Out', with 'Afterlife of the Party', and a bundle of others in different ways... but this one's different after all. It's about a ghost who lives. A day as a human or a lifetime as a ghost - seen by only sinners and believers... which would you choose?

It took an unexpected I Spit On Your Corpse like turn with the first encounter. A vengeful one. But then this girl ghost meets a guy, who's not all like those others, and maybe her choice wasn't all that clear after all...

It starts a little bleak and empty, and I guess it ends that way more than any other, but it takes some turns before then. It builds.

They don't need a lot of words to turn me, just the journey, the upside down snow and that final song.

They won me over at the end. If only... things could've turned out a bit different after all.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome


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