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Dragon Fist (1979)

Dragon Fist (1979)

I thought I had watched pretty much all Jackie Chan movies, and especially his old ones (except for a few that are virtually impossible to find, such as the ones where he's a child actor) but low and behold the gold, I found Dragon Fist, from 1979. It's one of Lo Wei's movies, the director that knew Jackie's potential and starred him in a bunch of movies but never managed to make him a hit.

The movie features the classic Hong-Kong movie master fights master, master dies, student avenges master plot. If you like old school Kung-Fu movies (I do) it's a real find. There's lot of fights, lots of old buildings, lots of techniques demonstrated through the hacky one-move-at-a-time choreography that everyone used at this time.

Any recommendations on other good less known movies?

 rated 3/5: not bad


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