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#345 Dragonfoam

Over and under
Through and above
It smells like my thunder
The sound that you love

Lift me through the passage
A needle in hay
I'm swindled by masses
They die and decay

I live in the ocean
The fish they don't see
My net when I lay it
Around them and scream

They move with the moonlight
They know when I tell
Them to reach the sky
They swim when I yell

I confronted my anger
My rage, and I thought
My anger and rage
And I thought, and I thought

The plague had long ended
It was dead and done
Then caught by regret
I started to run

Till time ends I stray by
Like rocks in the sand
The grains they all quiver
As we walk with hands

Tied behind our backs
A fair trade of pain
Remember to tell me
That I am insane

The rain falls down swiftly
It rains! It rains!
What else can I tell them?
Why do I complain?

When I can't change gardens
Or plant plants in pots
I like this world dearly
I like it, a lot


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