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Drona (2008)

I looked up 'the best Bollywood martial art movies ever' and I found this...

It seems they have a rather different perception on what's classed as martial arts over there, because this movie actually has very little martial arts. There are a few fights, there are swords and other interesting weapons, but no traditional arts; no realistic fights. Most fights are shown in the flashy angled way that only Bollywood movies can, and though they turn out good - flashy - they're not as much about technique or stunt as I'd have liked them to be.

The story is about a 'nectar', a source of cosmic energy, and our main character who's (not surprisingly!) the last in a long lineage of warriors dedicated to guarding it. He doesn't know about this, of course, but soon he is initiated in a realm of sorcery and mystique - he falls in love - and he meets his nemesis. And he changes, from a regular kind kid with some relational troubles with his fake family, to a real king! It's not a very spectacularly unique tale, but if you like adventure, fights and fantasy (not that much of the latter - but just enough to make the characters look pretty cool) this was a good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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