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Drop Zone (1994)

Drop Zone (1994)

It starts off with two US Marshalls on a plane, two brothers (first one Wesley Snipes) transporting a prisoner. Soon there's a hijacking, one brother ends up dead, all the blame on him, and the prisoner/his kidnappers on the loose. US Marshall #1 starts looking for clues, ends up at the mercy of a female skydiving instructor, and from there on out it gets crazy!

Expect some fights, plenty of sky-diving (maybe this was the one that inspired Point Break?), bonding, and one big heist, all accompanied by that awesome eighties guitar-type music. Well, nineties, same thing. Overall: it's one great action movie in classical Wesley Snipes style, and the only thing that confuses me is why his face is all over the movie cover when he's just the hero. He's great, but this movie is about more than just him! Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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