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In Front
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Con Tained
01. Theme Visionary
02. Polite Jester
03. Cardiculations
04. Homeless Bum
05. Cuckle Koo
06. Oceans of Gravel
07. Beneath the Nightingale
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10. Self Less
11. Cells
12. Attributive
13. Ribbons of Rust
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15. Soaked in Foam
16. Desert Trip
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21. Haiku - Hopeful
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23. The Past Presents
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32. Counting On
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40. Unreheared Besayel
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42. The Four
43. I took a Dumpster
44. Dead Crackheads
45. Up in Cosmos
46. Haiku - Belibible
47. Sompossable
48. Tired beyond Tires
49. Run and Reel
50. Sightless
51. Hope is Opium
52. In Right
53. Right into the Action
54. Just Mere Human New
55. Catch the New
56. Haiku - Lever
57. Kingdoms Fail
58. The Key
59. Bump the Dump
60. Sweet Sixty
61. Stay
62. Recall Shatters
63. Stereotypical Poppage
64. When frogs sing
65. Them Inspirations
66. Endit It

The bum he was homeless
And he lived inside a box
He had had both the measles
And chicken pox,

As a kid

Then the bum grew up
Or so he thought he did
Now he rests inside a shoebox
Concealed by,

A shoebox lid

He had seized to exist
Lived, but was dismissed
And his whole world blew up
Into a firefilled,


The ashes settled on him
And he did so - settled too
In a big abandoned shoebox
Of which,

Nobody knew

Nobody had shoes that big!
So in this shoebox he could live!
He stayed there two days and one night!
Until the werewolf appeared by moons light!

And sat there, and stared
His eyes big, wild and filled with hope
The bum found no nightmares
He had no experience by which to cope

The world was big and demanding
Then the werewolf came this night
He gave him hope and understanding
Instead of dread and inferious fright

Instead of living this life he chose
He became something - out from under he rose
High about the cities vast skylights
Howling at the moon on brighter nights

And now this homeless bum
Is as homeless now as he was then
But he will never have to live
In a big shoebox,


[ © Bob Axell 2008 ]