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Dying Of The Light (2014)

Dying Of The Light (2014)

Nicholas Cage plays an old CIA agent, recently diagnosed with 'a devastating illness'.

For 22 years he's been chasing a man, an activist, a terrorist: Muhammad Banir. Everybody believes he's dead, but Evan Lake (Cage) knows he's alive, and by chance he finally finds him, at the very moment where he's about to be forcefully retired. Banir has a blood disease and can barely move, Evan has a brain disease and forgets things, blanks out, and cannot trust all of his senses (he feels dog fur while stroking blue coats). It starts with an inspiring speech and ends with that same speech, and an ambiguity to if he survives or not. But I guess not?

It wasn't very inspiring or intense compared to similar movies, but then again there might not be one similar. The action, in its rare and short-lived moments, is professional and well-filmed, and the actors aren't bad. Overall a good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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