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Early Mondayne Chronicles

Arr, I said Hello too early. Or as our old proverb translates: I counted my chickens too early. Don't count your chickens before they hatch, they say. Apparently. If you're wondering about our old proverb it's: Don't say hello before you cross the river.

I'm eating scrambled eggs, bananas and white bread for lunch, yet I'm not sure my stomach likes it. Nor am I sure my recent, short yet uplifting walk under the setting sun on a path paved by frost was a more correct cure, but I guess I'll know soon! You know the feeling where you don't know if you're feeling unwell or if you're hungry; if you eat, if you're still feeling unwell because you're still hungry or because what you ate makes you feel unwell? Well, that about sums up my current state of being, with some additional inner turbulence. Like a dark cloud, and you don't know if it'll just blow away or start storming. I'm looking forward to a cup of blueberry soup though! That's what cooking.

My week starts, thus, at home. Not at work as it was meant to. Not with tangerines and cherished reunions, but at least with time open for a short blog; hopefully a few other side-projects I have in store for Christmas amidst resting sessions, like... well, maybe I shouldn't reveal that just yet. People may be reading this. And there's that other thing too. I've also been planning to do X, so Y will probably be very happy! Y? Well, it's all because _____. That's all I can say. :)

Well, I'm off to finish a promised piece of art for starters, and then see what time and energy remains for other tasks. Would've liked to start as fresh as the new week this Monday, but at least I'm on the right path! Tomorrow: is a new day. Happy Monday.


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