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Earning Cash At

I signed up for a LockerZ account to earn money. Little I did I know you couldn't really earn any money on LockerZ, you could only earn points to buy stuff with, and my intention when earning money isn't to simply waste it on items without any real retail value, that's really not how you earn money! I was told that you could have everything you earn easily deposited to your PayPal account without further ado, but it seems I was fooled.

Or was I not? Maybe you know something about this whole LockerZ thing that I don't? For those of you who don't know about LockerZ it's a little community project owned by Amazon in which you can view videos, play games, read blogs, comment, shop, answer polls etc and earn PTZ (their fancy creative acronym for "points") for everything you do. These points can then be used to buy stuff if you like, or get a VIP membership, or other neat things. If you're looking for a rewarding community, this looks like a pretty good place. If you're looking to earn money. It's not.

Earlier LockerZ was based solely on invites, you couldn't get in unless you had been invited or signed up to be invited (by LockerZ) in its early BETA stages, but now registrations are open for everyone and the mystique that circled the place earlier is suddenly gone. You can invite friends through a form, but you don't get any referral link, which sucks because I was planning on using one in this post and at least getting something from the system. ;)

For those of you interested in seeing what the LockerZ site looks like, here's a few screencaps of the artistic interface. I haven't censored anything ... except maybe the URL by cutting out everything that's not the website, I have nothing to hide. :P Click on the images below for a full-size version.


As you see they blog about all kinds of useless things. Useless as defined by me. I don't remember the last time I cared about trends and clothing and eh... all the things they blog about here.

LockerZ 2

OMG, I live shopping! Not.

LockerZ 3

Here's that page without a referral link.

LockerZ 4

Honestly, YouTube is better, even if you don't get points there.

LockerZ 5

Chose a video, get 4 PTZ. Yay.

LockerZ 6

This here is my own personal page, with personal stuff, and some other ads.

Apologies if I sound a bit sarcastic in the review above, it's not a bad place, just not the goldmine I expected it to be. Btw, the images got jumbled somehow, and I'm too lazy to resort them. JSYK; captions may seem strange.


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