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Earthlings (2005)

Here's a pretty disturbing documentary about how animals are treated. Food industry stuff. I actually skimmed because I really didn't want to see all there was to see. It was more than I expected. The cruelty with which some of us treat our neighbors. Bullfighting. Debeaking. Chicken farms. Pig farms. Torture. Experiments. Slaughter.

It's no pretty sight any of it, but if you happen to eat meat, or condone the practices that exist (you probably don't know about all practices that exist), or wonder why certain strains of bacteria are now resistant towards antibiotics (it's because they feed animals farmed for their meat antibiotics to treat the diseases that thrive in the horrible living conditions they live in), you'd better see this. It's not fun, but it paints a picture like you probably hadn't seen it before.

The narration's not always the most captivating, but the information's wholesome, and the footage is really not for the faint of heart. I thought I'd been dulled by all shock content available online, but this was... unpleasant. Woody Harrelson's cover quote rings unconditionally true: This is the single most powerful, and informative, movie about society's treatment of animals! A must see film for anyone who cares enough to know.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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