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Edd's Day

RIP Edd Gould, 1988-2012.

He's been gone ten years now, though he created a legacy that's outlived him by far, with both fans and family contributing not only mementos but truly keeping his characters alive even to this day.

His profile still houses his contributions to the world, and has during the last couple of years seen a resurgence of new content. Eddsworld lives on under his name, and profile, in the hands of a capable and commited little crew of new animators that are taking over where he left off.

Hat(s) off to you Edd!

You did so much with the little time you had. You helped so many. You inspired so many. You left a legacy that'll live on for at least as long as you lived, and hopefully far beyond your time. It's uplifting to see, and to still have a laugh at and with the characters you created.

Maybe next year I'll have time to make a proper artistic homage, for now: RIP. And live on.


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