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Elite Squad (2007)

Elite Squad (2007)

Original title: Tropa De Elite

The slums of Brazil are brutal - the favelas, as they call them. Cops and criminals reign free, and there's really no difference between them except that some have a badge, and others do not. But then there's BOPA: the elite squad, the ones who dress in black, the ones who shoot first and ask questions later, without mercy; without hesitation. Uncorruptable, ndefeatable justice. If you believe in justice.

This movie isnĀ“t just the story of BOPA though, or the division leader Nascimento who is nearing the breaking point and really wants to retire, but also of two honest cops, two recruits, Neto and Matias. The story follows their relations and their careers, intertwined over the course of time as they begin their training.

There's shooting only occasionally, but there's plenty of tension. Brazil is a tense place, it's wild and free and appreciative and they have good taste in music... but it's also no place for a stranger. The favelas are as cruel as they are caring, and the narrative plays almost more as a documentary than a story as the plot unfolds and develops.

It is a story though, a captivating one as such, and the insights make it all the more intriguing. It's a merciless real-interpretation of Brazil, and though not with as much action as I expected, a great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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