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Emanuelle In America (1977)

Emanuelle In America (1977)

The plot's a bit flimsy, but I guess that's really not an issue with softcore porn is it?

That is basically what this is.

It's also the story of Emanuelle, a dark-skinned exotic girl with a liberal sexual hunger, who hangs around with eccentrics. Guys, and girls, and couples, and has intimate moments with all, all whilst digging up truths about them and putting them in the papers.

She has a boyfriend who lives a similar life. They're refreshingly free, and it ends in a flimsy but conclusive way on a tribal beach... wonder what that part was really all about. The next movie, as it commences within the current movie, maybe...? Or maybe it's totally irrelevant after all.

It just dawned on me that it's the seventies too, so maybe this isn't porn after all. Maybe it's just as abstract and exploratory as it sometimes seems to be. The sexual liberation act - freedom of a woman - all easy to follow on film.

It's not bad either. Laura Gemser's easy on the eyes and independent - not the best actress though she may be, and it's good to be reminded there was a time when we were all humans. Hungrier, not totally waxed, and not so distanced from the fundamental forms of sexual fun that it seems the world has turned into totally dominating deprivation the last few decades.

All in all: good movie. Rich locales. Plenty of intrigue. Good cast.

I miss the times when even movies like this could be creative, and uphold some kind of budget and class. It's not just all about that ass.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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