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Empire State (2013)

Empire State (2013)

Well that wasn't a story with a happy ending! I was really expecting something more inspiring... but I guess they did get away with 11 million, huh. Was it worth it? In the interview ending his face seems to say it was, but then again maybe he's just happy to be free. You can't buy freedom. But lets go back to where it all began...

The story's about two buddies. Chris (played by Liam Hemsworth) is smart. He wants to be a cop and do good, and earn money for his family, but his buddy Eddie (Michael Angarano) isn't as aspiring, and because of this buddy Chris doesn't get the job. He becomes the next best thing: a security guard, and is soon guarding a lock-up.

The money's ridiculously badly guarded, and what starts as a ventful chat with his buddy soon turns into a vengeful plan to rob the place, and get their works worth. But did I mention his buddy is pretty stupid? I do feel sorry for the main character, having a buddy like that buddy.

It doesn't go the way any of them would've wanted, and not for the viewer either. That being said, it was a well-filmed mess. Not much action, but the little there is feels polished, authentic, and drastic. Each shot counts. Oh, and The Rock plays a cop.

I read a good review for this movie somewhere, but though it didn't really rise as high in my book as in the book of whomever it was writing that review, it wasn't bad. It's a slice of life action movie based on a true story. Apparently, things like this really do happen, and of course that fact makes it all the more compelling. Good watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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