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Encrypt (2003)

Encrypt (2003)

War's have ravaged the Earth's atmosphere.

Survivor camps fight each other for whatever scraps of food remain.

The fate of the Earth will soon be in the hands of one man.

That's the text with which the movie starts, accompanied by gloomy music and a panorama view of burning cityscapes. At a first glance, it might seem like just one more post-apocalyptic science-fiction B movie, but the further it progresses the deeper into it you delve, until that stereotype scenario is but a small roadblock on a highway of inventive thinking.

It starts with a little girl getting chased by bad guys over a scrap of bread, one man (Garth) appearing from the shadows to kill them, taking her home, and soon getting scouted by a rich man who supposedly wants to expand his art collection by breaching the most impenetrable security system on Earth. Or at least it was before 'the fall'.

Together with a former adversary and a team of three other stereotypical soldiers - there's the girl, the tough guy and the philosopher - they venture to a mansion in search of artwork, overcoming obstacles and foes as they go along. They also meet Alice, a security system with a mind of it's own (Resident Evil, anyone?), and it becomes clear that it's really not all about art after all.

It's a moody movie, with the occasional gunfight and action scene a la 90's science fiction fighting, but between the fights there's philosophy, talks about life and death, past and future, and it turns out a pretty immersive venture despite the occasional flaws in acting and special effects. But the gadgetry and special effects overall do look good. Good movie.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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