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End Of Days!

Oh hey, one more! Another day (another month too btw). It ends.

Mother's Day, to be precise. We celebrated with some lime and mint and chocolate RAW food cake; a little poetry with variable appreciation - much to my great aggravation my sister's no fan of complex word structures and intricate rhyme schemes, no matter the form, but good times still. Sunshine, champagne, miniature bite-sized quorn burgers with sprouts, sauce and butter on fresh home-made bread (I provided the latter two this day, minus bread) and a refreshingly lax moment in the sun, though my skin was burning and there was no shade to escape to around the table at which we sat... hopefully it's not more of a burn than that it'll turn into tan and make me be all like: woooo it's summer man...

I'm in a pretty good mood today, as maybe you notice by the post tip, since I managed to not only spend the Sunday in a refreshingly relaxed state of mind, plenty of sunshine walking amidst merry celebration, but polish up a couple of these, and another for collaborative purpose, and to reach the next step on a ladder of medal-related accomplishments I'm working on at NG. Maybe it'd be possible to actually put out music a bit more regularly, and to manage if not a few than at least one of many much overdue collaborations before summer sizzles in full force...

I've managed a bundle really. Refunds, rebates, travel plans, lodging for one night whilst driving North, support emails, affiliate programs, a new insurance card, phone calls to friends and family, etc etc. I don't know why I'm mentioning all of these in plural form when really it's more like one of each today, but nevertheless a multitude of single errands all done...

Why do I end all lines with ellipses these days though...

The main reason I'm in a good mood right now is probably because summer seems to be here though. The signs are in the sky. In the sunshine, and the warmth that lingers even at the end of days! And I know that in just one more week it's time to head up North, and hopefully later reap the benefits of an arduous but awesome first week by that lake house I mentioned in that recent interview.

And we might be launching a new platform at work tomorrow. It's been postponed so many times by now that I can't be absolutely certain, but at the same time the amount of times it's been postponed is almost a guarantee that it really has to happen now. Not only will I be on vacation the week after, but the contract for our current platform runs out in two days, so if there ever was an ideal time then this would be it.

Part of me is already breathing a sigh of relief that it's finally over. Over a year of prepping, and before that a few more of failures, before we finally managed to find the right people; outsource something that works all the way. It's not perfect yet, the development dues are still far from done, but it'd be a relief to at least finally get this thing off the ground.

Hopefully all goes well tomorrow, and there's time to troubleshoot whatever doesn't before the week is over, and after that the first little slice of one hundred percent authentic vacation life awaits. For tonight it's time to wind down with a little bit more of this. Just five books left until all is over there too...


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  1. S3C
    Monday Jun/1/2020

    underrated film

  2. Cyber
    Tuesday Jun/2/2020

    Count on S3C to catch the reference

  3. Cyber
    Tuesday Jun/2/2020

    And too true!

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