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Entourage (2015)

Entourage (2015)

Entourage is a movie about a movie, about a star directing his movie, about the movie going over budget, about parties and passion and patching things together to get the movie where it's supposed to go... though we really don't get to see much of the movie within the movie, or the making of. What we do get to see is how everyone involved copes with the trials and tribulations going on while the movie's about to get done.

The main characters consist of a crew: an entourage, if you will. One of them's famous. One wants to be famous. One's having trouble with the ladies. One doesn't have any specific plot-redeeming personality. And then there's the director, Ari, who has some real anger-management issues, and you you might have second thoughts about him at first... but he's really quite a nice guy.

The humor's occasionally crude, there's plenty of nudity and verbal bashing - the Hollywood life - and here and there celebrities pop-up playing their 'normal life' roles rather than movie roles they usually play. Not that they're probably anything in this movie like they are in real life, but it's a refreshing glimpse at the movie world through the world in a movie... and though it all seems a bit pointless at the end, with that a-bit-too-over-the-top American comedy and bashful party humor, it wasn't bad either. What sets it apart from other movies like The Hangover (which I didn't get anything out of), is maybe the sense of familiarity and friendship between, at least, the main characters. Overall a messy, mediocre, but entertainingly well-done watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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