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Erased (2012)

Erased (2012)

This movie was a bit like the Bourne trilogy, but less intense.

It's strange how most action movies with a parent-teenager relationship portray a general hate towards the parent by part of the teenager, due to earlier or current parental flaws, which the parent eventually overcomes, gains the trust of the teenager and strengthens their bond. The teenager usually starts off incredibly hostile and slowly warms up and realizes their point of view was somewhat skewed, that the parent didn't leave them for some Italian lady, that the parent was actual a cop working undercover and not a gangbanging cop murderer as they originally thought, or just that the parent really does care about them. Here it wasn't really like that, the parent starts by messing things up, by giving his daughter cookies with nuts even though she's allergic to them, by missing her rehearsal, and yet... she's not really hostile, she has issues trusting him, but they bond early on and go through a somewhat bumpy but not totally one-sided and generic change in relationship throughout the course of the movie. Both daughter and parent are great, they act out their relationship just about as flawlessly as the events and circumstances portrayed.

Oh, events and circumstances. Well it starts off with subtle introduction, a morning in the kitchen, a father going off to work at a company that tests security devices, staying late, missing the daughters rehearsal, for unexpected reasons not making it home that night. It turns out that's the last day he works for that company, a company that doesn't actually exist, and it turns out that his giving the daughter cookies with nuts in them wasn't such a bad idea after all as they'd probably have been killed if they returned. The company is gone. His co-workers are all - or at least most of them - dead, and they are soon leading a desperate search for clues and evidence, of any traces of their former life, as they're chased by law enforcement and unknown operatives alike. And along this bumpy road they build up their relationship and bond.

It's a thrilling movie, very professionally filmed, with intriguing characters and a somewhat unpredictable but not-too-difficult-to-grasp plot. They show some gadgetry - bombs, etc, that looks very realistic. The action, the blood, the crashes - all of it's cold hard reality. No noticably CGI, well, not a lot of it, the last I can remember was a few subtle pieces of debris in that final explosion. What caused the final explosion? It's up to you to find out if you watch the movie! I liked it, after watching a bunch of blockbusters it was refreshingly clean, down-to-Earth, serious type of action. With some light-hearted encounters and comedy mixed in. The one actor I recognize is Aaron Eckhart, but all of them do a great job doing what they're supposed to do: acting real and professional.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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