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Erratic Crane Fly In The Bathroom

In Swedish: Harkrank.

We've had one in the bathroom for a while now.

It hid on the back wall at first, the first time I saw it at least. It stayed in the lower shadow, in the corner behind the toilet, a seemingly dormant fly on the wall, maybe attempting to idle through the winter in a badly optimized and warmed up area - we have heated floors in the bathroom.

I took a shower a while later and suddenly it was in the shower. Again just stuck to the wall - fortunately on the same wall as the shower head was directed from - so it was never in the way of the spray. I washed myself a bit more carefully, standing a bit further back; making sure not to send any unwanted water the way of this crane fly...

A while later it was above the lamp. Above the mirror cabinet.

This is the place insects are usually initially drawn too - it seemed it had succumbed to the common temptation, and was repeatedly buzzing towards the light source, which is also a heat source, which I don't believe is healthy for any sort of insect that attempts to go hither.

I'm not sure if it was the same day or no but not too long after it had fled the heat and seemed to be flying randomly around the bathroom. It came towards me, and I tried to not instinctively slap it, but just veered off a little and gave it room to retreat. It tried to get close again but I kept my distance, and it flew towards the corners, and towards the door - which was closed at the time - and towards the light again - and amidst this chaotic and seemingly indecisive flying it apparently fled the room, and I haven't seen it since.

So thus ends the story of the Erratic Crane Fly In The Bathroom...

I hope it managed to get out alright; I hope it goes on to have a nice life.
I hope it survives the winter, if it needs sleep through it, and emerges once against a beast in the bright bathroom light when spring comes a cracking and all these little critters crawl forth from their seasonal dormancy.

Was a pretty big crane fly too. If any crane fly makes it this one just might.


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  1. biterr
    Sunday Dec/18/2022

    Isn't crane rock?

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Dec/18/2022

    Rock? In Swedish? The 1985 band? Those guys do seem pretty fly...

    I'm not sure what you're referring to but crane flies do rock too so: in a way, yes, true that.

  3. S3C
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    aka flying daddy longs. crane flys are dumb as hell. crashing into things all the time with their imprecise flying. but way cooler than your average house fly. also way easier to catch than your average house fly. well, it's dead now. Let's have a moment of silence...

  4. Cyber
    Sunday Jan/1/2023

    Ahh yeah that's the term I used to know! Did a Google Translate on 'Harkrank' now and didn't recognize the result, not truly a tool of the people that thing.

    Mmm they do seem a little whimsical! I wonder if they're dumb though or just... slightly aeronautically challenged? Maybe those legs become an obstacle in optimal maneuverability...

    And they just live 10-15 days apparently! Well damn. I guess it's not in hibernation after all then. RIP...

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