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Even More 10K Leftovers!

Time for another 10,000 words of old and unposted ponderings! A massive mash-up of drafts, blurbs, and other irrelevant content all-in-one!

I've had this draft lying around for well over a year now, packed with way older drafts. Finally took some time to go through it, revise it, and here it is now: still as irrelevant as ever! Or unsuitable. Or unimpressive.

Rather than throw away surplus words of topics no longer of context or quality however, I like to collect them in posts like this. So if You feel like reading a creative, potentially somewhat interesting batch of very varied decree, here's your chance.

If not: don't mind this. Look around and I'm sure you'll find better, newer things. For the few who wish to view, without further ado, to you...

Table of Titles

For a post like this, it may be useful. ;)

  1. To Inspire, Due Inspired
  2. At The Tower Of Ancients
  3. At The Gym Of Steel
  4. Random Unused One-liners Or Titles
  5. Hot Room
  6. Old Shit
  7. Finally, Some Random Tidbits Of Text
  8. Guess The Item
  9. File-Hosting Comparison
  10. Untitled Post About Change
  11. Oldest FBer Here
  12. From The Stuff Page
  13. Bolo Yo!
  14. Advanced Wars DS
  15. Some Leftover AMA Blurb?
  16. Doctor Hasegawa's Dream Lab
  17. Apple In Shower
  18. Quick Workshop Rant
  19. Resident Evil 4 Pro Tips
  20. Ellipses & Stuff
  21. Started Using VLC
  22. What I Learned From A Summer Of Reading 91:an
  23. Yearly Themes
  24. Just Had To Quote This...
  25. That MTV Intro
  26. Licensed Shows
  27. Wynaut & Other Pokemon Bits
  28. Onyx & Dugtrio Pokeballing
  29. Undone Game Pack Project
  30. Posting Cause I Don't Have Time
  31. Raklöddersburkar Minskar
  32. That SPAM-Preventing Plugin
  33. 2011 Workouts Working Out
  34. Unused Silence Denied Blurb
  35. More Unused Blurbs
  36. Awesomestart Still There?
  37. How Often To Back Up?
  38. Books I Read 2014
  39. Books I Read 2012
  40. Quackery
  41. God's God
  42. Welcome To Sweden
  43. Marabou Contest 2010
  44. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Master Mod
  45. Random Land
  46. Dance Ejay 7 Crashes
  47. The Secret To Blogging Success
  48. Untitled Post On Quotes
  49. One Morning I Decided To Write
  50. Decided To Write Something...
  51. Quote Of The Whenever
  52. Capital Cataclysm
  53. Unused Review Snippet
  54. The Real Treasure

To Inspire, Due Inspired

The words flow through it all like a falling waterfall, an ounce of bounce and a form of abnormality. Special and slowly flowing, it goes oh yeah it's going the flow is fresh and wallows over puddles river shallows like a swallow flies and dives and dies and crashes down and is crushed by grime and dust and soft and shallow rhyme combined, like an ocean. You have me inspired...

At The Tower Of Ancients

So there I stood, a Feraligatr at hand, a Slowpoke with a yawn, a mighty Spearow that pecked water Pokémon like dirt off it's shoulder, a sparkling red Gyarados and the living tree of which the name I can never remember. I had about 80 Poké Balls, about 70 Great Balls, and about 60 Ultra Balls, and I was ready for battle.

The Kimono Girls had all completed their ceremony, and Ho-oH had been summoned from the sky. I dove into the fight. Five of my Pokémon fainted in a blast, I kept my Feraligatr Blastman kicking with the help of a Hyper Potion every three or four attacks, took Ho-Oh down to the red, as low as it would go, so low you could barely see the red on the meter. I was afraid he'd (or was it a she?) fainted, but the signal of life came in the form of a fiery blast.

I bombarded it with Ultra Balls. 1... 2... 3... 7... 14... 29. I tried Poké Balls too, and Great Balls, and a Heavy Ball, and then a couple of Timer Balls, and probably a few other Balls, it was all balls. Then I ran out of Hyper Potions and it was time to reboot the game. Try again.

So here I stand, a Feraligatr at hand, a Slowpoke with a yawn, a mighty Spearow that pecked Water Pokémon like dirt off it's shoulder, a sparkling red Gyarados and the living tree of which the name I can never remember.

It's time to capture a legend.

At The Gym Of Steel

After helping the sick Pokemon at the lighthouse, it was time to do battle.

The two trainers I had defeated earlier pushed me on, and there she was - the gym leader, cold and heartless behind her creatures of steel. I sank them all with a Surf attack, one hit KO for each one, not a single HP lost on my own Pokémon.

Steel Badge attained.

Random Unused One-liners Or Titles

Last Year When 8GB Was Excessive

FireFox Crashing Lately

RapidShare Just Topped My List

Easus Data Recovery Wizard

I opened the window so why are hard drive temperatures rising.

Yeah that's what I try - to wipe pages clean! Make it seem like my days are intertweened like a wirse (?) in a fight in my sleep.

Is a Nile a nation or an isle a nation of annihilation?

Is what matters Matt or what mattress the actress mat rests (on)?

It's so slick yo sick low kick flow hip hop flip flops flip not dope shit.

Make a fool of, or make a fool out of.

Getting creative, ten steps at a time.

It's All About Efficiency

The Pathway To Efficiency

NTFS Or FAT On Windows 2000

Phantom Comics 1989 Had A 3D Enclosure

Kill the laziness (waste); take control.

When you clean a carpet in your bathtub you realize how bad shape you are really in.

I ate mackerel, so now everything smells mackerel.

The web is wide, the web is tall, the web is this world that surrounds us all.

I have a real talent for getting stains on my clothes.

Story Of My Three PS Twos

[I think I might have actually written the story of that last one, somewhere...]

Hot Room

You try working in a room where the heat chokes the life out of ya at 26C, windows open all over the second floor, a breeze now and then, still it's hot as hell. Wish I was downstairs where the air is cool and everything is beautiful.

Old Shit

I've been browsing through folders of old recorded audio, deleting most of it because... it sucked. I saved a few just to remind me of how much I sucked back then. I mean, to remind myself how far I've come since then. So that I'll remember my roots and stay humble? Well who knows why, but it feels stupid to have recorded all of that old stuff without at least saving a fragment of it... and making it public. So here you go: a simple sample of how I've evolved through the years (check the music page for much more recent sounds). It's starts in 2005...

Here's something I wrote myself. I still think the lyrics aren't bad, but that voice... holy hell...

Here's me trying to sound like Kid Rock. Rock on?

Moving into 2006: for some reason I tried recording the rain. Boom.

For the record: all of these recordings were done on my very old Casio camera. Not that Casio's a bad brand, this particular camera is just very old. I dismantled it a few years ago so I'm no longer sure which model it was.

Me playing a composition of my own on piano. Still remember the notes.

It's a rap. My own. Oldskool. Oh man...

It's a song. My own. Yeah, no stomach support yet.

Aaand that's my sister! Telling me the sound is on.

I didn't have anything from 2007. Maybe cause my camera broke that year.

I'm still happy with most of my lyrics though, old and new. All but the voice is timeless. It's so sublime it's... like I was a genius even before my prime kids. Aye, hits. :)

Finally, Some Random Tidbits Of Text

I finally got my microphone plugged in recently, into a little external Inspire sound box with a newly attained XLR cable, so, I can finally record some stuff! It's not the best mic in the world - it's one originally made for karaoke, but compared to voice recorder quality it's light years ahead. Maybe after summer I'll invest in an actual condenser mic, or a better dynamic one. I just need something that really conveys my voice - all the ups and downs and grounds of the vocal range. Not that it's bad...


I wrote a pretty good rap, actually! One that I won't even hesitate to post, for once. Usually I don't really perfect my raps - they end up out of sync and whack and all that. But for once I made something I like the sound of, and it feels good!


I found one of my favorite artists from back in the day on NG: chainsaw_09. I thought he had disappeared, but apparently he just changed alias. Was chainsaw_09 better? Yeah, maybe, but the music still kicks ass. Check it out. [If you're wondering, his new alias is Waterflame.]


Get a rise out of somebody: to succeed in annoying someone. Ignore him - he's just trying to get a rise out of you.


What? 500 images? Lazy ass, I have 6,472 at the time of writing.


Say for example I write a post and mention Windows 7: I'll tag the post Windows. If I however write a post specifically about Windows 7, I'll also tag it Windows 7.


One of my first Internet aliases that didn't last very long was menemityrus.

Guess The Item

A bunch of one-line descriptions for unknown stuff! Have fun.

Everyone with such distinct personalities. Such a difference between commander Graff and the other Sibiillian.

A program said to delete undeletable files.

A fighting movie for the game with the same name.

One of the best martial art movies ever made, starring Jackie Chan & Drunken Boxing.

The story of an assassin and a little girl.

An animated movie featuring owls as both heroes and villains.

A live action variant of Worms developed by Joosa Riekkinen a long time ago, featuring crazy weapons and intense warfare.

A creative exploration game series featuring a little interesting creature and her venture through worlds to us unknown.

Game posts with screenshots in them - artistically captivated moments of an ongoing flawless victory.

Get them while they're ripe and play them till your fingers bleed! All downloadable games are free and fully legit... I mean legal.

Some things just get fucked up. These are some of those things.

Step-by-step stuff that teaches you how to do amazing things!

Sometimes some things just get fucked up and it sucks much such fucked up stuff sucks.

A great browser stuck in the group behind the top two (Firefox & IE), with plenty of revolutionary technology embedded in it's frame. [IE?!]

A story of outlaws in the wide wild west.

File-Hosting Comparison

During the past two years I've bought premium accounts on pretty much all of the major file-hosting services available, save for MegaUpload.

Why not MegaUpload? Well, that's because I've been seriously considering buying one of their eternal memberships, a so called Lifetime Pass, which is insanely cheap considering that it would be lasting me the rest of my life. Of course nothing's for certain - it's not even certain that my life will last very long... but in that case it wouldn't matter much anyway.

The point of fact is that MegaUpload looks like a great service, and it's been around longer than most of these other crappy file-hosting services out there... and, it's a service with better service, and you get access to not only the file-hosting service but also a few other services they've started during latter years, like a video hosting and streaming service, a porn hosting and streaming service (most file-hosting sites don't even allow adult material), a music downloading service, and so on... and with Premium you get virtually unlimited amounts of everything, but hey, I wasn't planning on shamelessly advertising MegaUpload's great services before I've even tried them out myself (they also have great speeds even if you're not Premium) and even less in the first lines (err last lines of the first paragraph) of this post, but it looks like I just did. Soo, hrmm, moving on to the actual list:

For comparison I've added the upload and download limits for premium users (at the time of writing) after each file-host title.


I signed up for 1 month with FileServe. They [sucked?]...


Something not so great...


Something OK...


Something good...


Something great...


Something greater...

[If you're wondering: I never did finish that comparison, but I did try them all. MediaFire and MegaUpload (now MEGA) are still the greatest at the time of editing, and have survived the test of time commendably well considering most of the other alternatives no longer even exist.

Well, technically MegaUpload doesn't exist either, but they were born anew. See an early glimpse of their new service here.

I don't frequent sites like this as much now. It seems they were a lot more popular back in the day, but it would be interesting to do a check-up on which ones have taken over the thrones and thrive still...]

Untitled Post About Change

For a long time now I've been thinking that I need to make a change to the site, a big change, because as you probably notice if you check in every once in a while I don't have time to update the site much, or keep many of the insane amount of pages on the site maintained. Hiring people is out of the question, so it obviously calls for a cut in project resources.

So I got rid of all the pages.

Wait, maybe I should rephrase that. I changed the menu so it lists categories instead of pages. I also decreased the number of categories, merged... [And yeah, I probably did some other things too, but I don't remember ever changing those pages to categories. Maybe I thought it over a bit and decided that might not be the good call after all. Things be going on around here! And not going on too.]

Oldest FBer Here

I got my Facebook invite in 2006. Who's earlier than I am?

From The Stuff Page

A bunch of descriptions I no longer use, yet don't want to purge eternally. Guess the page/reference!

A great image manipulation program now developed by Adobe. Not as great as when Macromedia were the kind and compassionate folks behind it, but all the same a great multipurpose image manipulation program.

Shortcuts to victory. Use them only when there is no other way... or when you're feeling just a bit lazy. ;)

Numbers in their form of norm. A series of imagery composed only of numeralistic design.

Things that shouldn't happen but still do happen and cause us great pain, agony and endless aggregation.

Things you consume with great appetite due to remarkably good taste or an overwhelming state of starvation.

Posts with collective resources in some form.

Windows version available. Not the same thing as the original, obviously, but I still do appreciate the effort of making this classic work on Windows.

Bolo Yo!

I found this antique page (by Stuart Cheshire at Stanford University) with a list of links to a myriad of sites no longer in existence, as well as a link to the site author's 'new' (it was new a decade ago) project showing the process of them building a swimming pool. Don't know what happened to the pool as the diary ends unfinished with Swan (the company hired to take care of pool work) eight weeks behind their absolute deadline, and the tile contractor not working either, but it looked like a pretty nice pool.

But let's get back to the main topic and game at hand here: Bolo.

I made a ton of maps for this game back in the day, and played through a few of them recently on my 15 year old Mac computer (holy shit it's almost as old as I am - I bet soon it'll be even older than I am). It's still as fun as I remember it, and goes to show that you don't necessarily need top-notch graphics to make something good. You don't need 4K resolution or amazing sound quality either, it still holds its ground well.

If I'd been playing this back when I found NG, maybe I could've made a mod for it with the NG Tank... hell, maybe there's still time to make a quick spin-off someday! You can read more about the game itself here.

Some quick facts about Bolo: A strategic war game, in which you control a tank and make your way through hostile territories. Birds view. Enemies locked in position. Easy to build custom maps: this was the game's greatest feature, and it was fun, simple, and addicting. Levels were as complicated as you made them, and quite a few creative levels were included with the game. I still haven't played all of them.

The game was made in 1987 (so the game is older than I am), supports networking with 16 players (though I've never played it through a network), and is apparently not completely forgotten - even if the index at didn't have any working links at all. Google gave me some instead. Oh this is nostalgic: Here's a site all about bolo. Here's a personal site with a lot about Bolo - see the downloads page, and here's one more even more amazing piece - Bolo for Windows!!! It's not really on par with the original, but it comes pretty close. Maybe I'll have time to play it soon.

[Apparently I didn't have time in the time since I wrote this post, but maybe some time...

Also looks like one of the two Bolo-related pages I linked to is now gone at well. One more. One remains. I gotta put up a Bolo page here at CDB sometime...

Sometime? Some time? Something for another post. Some thing for another post? Foranotherpost? For anotherpost? Post blunt force trauma.]

Advanced Wars DS

I played out the game. All of it. Whooza. Now, when's Advanced Wars coming to the N3DS? When or if it is, I just might get it. There is no better game. Later.

Some Leftover AMA Blurb?

So you're probably wondering something right now. Wondering who I am? Wondering how fast I'm typing this? How close to the screen I'm sitting? How big a screen I've got? How many CDs I have in my collection? What time it is? What computer I'm running? How many sites I've left for dead? Where I hosted my first forums? What type of cheese flavor I favor? How long I've been logged out of Facebook? Huh, no? Nothing like that? Something else? Anything? I'm ready.

Doctor Hasegawa's Dream Lab

You get to fight your brother, your boss, and yourself. You barely get any hypos. You get one weapon and one extra clip if you're clever enough to find it. How I managed to beat this level the first time without one of those hypos and the extra clip (I kicked the second red ninja into the murky depths of slime down-under and didn't look under the bridge) is beyond me, cause I'm on my fourth attempt today and I can't even get past the first stairwell.

Is it just me? They could have at least left you with a hypo after defeating Muro, couldn't they? That would have eased the burden quite a bit. His leg-breaker move is killer efficient. Sometimes I feel like some of these blogs would fit better on a forum btw, but since a couple of years now, I don't really frequent those. Time to start again? Probably.

Apple In Shower

I tried something new today. I tried eating an apple in the shower - and it was good. I tried chocolate once. Ice cream once. Apparently all food tastes better in the shower. Must have something to with either warmth, humidity, or the sensation of water. Maybe all three. Maybe only sweet things taste better in the shower? Maybe it has something to do with fumes from the chemicals included in the water. Any idea? Maybe I should try eating an entire dinner in the shower next...

Quick Workshop Rant

I managed to finish one (1) WS analysis today, and I'm actually feeling like I've accomplished something.

What's the matter with my efficiency levels lately? Am I developing ADHD or something? I'm not getting as much done as I should be getting, but hey, I guess I can't have ADHD since I can actually manage to sit by the box for 5 hours straight without a break. That's some pretty intense focus. Problem is I'm not focused on the right things. I keep jumping ship. Keep drifting high. Keep floating away. The reason I'm writing this is because I have a rant to vent, that's the sole purpose of this post. Reading may be useless, you have been warned retrospectively. I'm feeling pissed so it's time for some RE 4 on Pro Mode... which is, btw, hard as hell. I'm probably dying once for every dozen enemies I kill, especially in the boss fights. Bet I won't be getting very boastable stats this time around.

Resident Evil 4 Pro Tips

A few tips for professional mode, cause it is HARD!

Keep your weapons upgraded. You don't need to save your treasure, except for those special treasures that'll gain value (the ones with 'indentations' - just examine them and you'll be told if something can be added to them). Save those, sell the rest when you can, and upgrade your weapons. It'll save you a lot of ammo, and ammo is the one commodity you do not have much of in professional mode.

Another way of saving ammo is by shooting enemies in the head or kneecap, and then kicking them or suplexing them. When they're on the ground: knife them. Works best when there aren't more than one or two enemies you need to focus on, because whilst knifing you'll be vulnerable to anyone except those on the ground. Also, don't waste powerful ammunition of weak critters, and don't use two powerful shots if you don't need to. One magnum shot and one handgun shot might do the trick. Really, it does matter in the long run, and when you snipe - aim before shooting. A wasted rifle bullet is a big waste.

You might want to invest in the Rocket Launcher for most of the major bosses. It'll not only save you a lot of ammo (the one thing you can't buy - except with upgrades), it'll probably save you a lot of health packs as well. When you think about it, 30,000 isn't that much to pay.

Also, don't upgrade your attache case if you can help it, not until either L or XL is available. The M is a waste of money since it adds very little and you'll probably want to upgrade again anyway (you don't need to upgrade step by step - just wait as long as you can before going for a bigger one). I usually buy the L one when it becomes available.

If you plan on playing more than one round: the second one will be much easier. You'll have many weapons available from the start, upgraded as well, and you'll have a large attache case, probably the vest (buy that as soon as it's available, it's a lifesaver), better health thanks to all the yellow herb supplements you've taken earlier, and probably a bit of treasure and ammo left, which you can now also easily gather more of in the early stages of the game - the early enemies are weak when you've upgraded your weapons. In normal mode, the second round was almost too easy. In professional, it'll be a bit like a new game in normal mode. :)

Ellipses & Stuff

I found this information somewhere:

4) The same goes for the ellipsis . . . . Use a dash instead (not a hyphen). If you insist on the three periods, put spaces between them.

Now the matter is this: I used to space out my ellipses . . . like so. I just didn't know they were called ellipses. For a time I went through old posts and thought that it looked stupid with those periods spaced out like that, so I went through all those posts and removed the spaces... yeah, so that wasn't particularly wise I guess. I'm not going through them again though... and I'm not spacing out my ellipses in the future either. I still think it looks stupid. When writing professionally I'll do my best to avoid them at all.

Started Using VLC

I've started using VLC Media Player more than I'd like to. Why? The subtitles just won't play anymore with regular MPC. Have I managed to change some basic setting that enables subtitle support? Is the CCCP Codec Pack not as good as the last one I used (don't even remember the name anymore, even though it's only been a few months since the switch)? I don't know, but the fact remains that MPC just can't play the goddamn subtitles, so I'm forced to use this alternative. The good thing about this program is that it plays virtually everything, even corrupt files; even very strange formats, everything. The bad things is, well... actually I haven't found any thus far. I just don't like the interface that much. Habits die hard.

[And since I wrote this I've grown to like the VLC player more than that of the classy MPC. I used VLC only for a few years, but for some reason (incompatible files?) I switched back to MPC again just recently. Right now I use both, depending on format.]

What I Learned From A Summer Of Reading 91:an

I learned the names of the major artists and authors, and their individual styles: Patrik Norrman, Claes Remirthi, Gösta Gumesson, Gert Lozell, Ola Nyberg, Bertil Wilhelmsson, Anders Persson, Olle Nilsson, Görgen Kronberg and Jonas Darnell.

I learned the Överlevnadsguide, in six parts, is included with 14/99, 16/99 and 18/99... and I have no idea about the other three, but they're presumably in close vicinity to those.

As for cars: the Volvo 244DL from 1977 in 20/2000 by Krister was definitely the best one! Fo rizzle.

Yearly Themes

Since 2008 I have officially made one new theme for this site every new year. Not always at the start of the year, but somewhere during each year there's been a sometimes more noticeable and at other times less noticeable shift in design.

This is probably the main reason the site has become messier and messier, because the theme has changed the way content is displayed or organized, but I've never really had the time to go through all of this old content. 2012 was kind of a busy year and I never did make a new theme, but there have been a lot of changes to the existing theme anyway, so I'm making a 'revision' of the 2011 with the 2012 theme, titled SupDate.

For 2013 things will be very new! I have big plans, and a new style in the works. It won't be a revolutionary change, but hopefully it will smoothen things out a bit, as CDB hasn't been as sleek as I'd have liked it to be lately, with bugs a few I'd like to smite anew.

Btw, before 2008 the theme changed really often, probably more than once each year, and before I used WP to empower this site... damn, I was changing the site so often that it's a wonder I even had time to add content! I hope to have a page with all salvageable old layouts up sometime this year. Back then this site was so FUN to redesign! Now it's a bit of a chore, but that's only because it's grown so friggin gigantic that each change requires such a shitton of edits. There's only so much a man can do in his spare time. Remember when sites were actually fun? Fun to visit, fun to explore, and fun to design? I'll post a blog about that later on....

So anyway, here's a page with my old WP themes (2008-2012). I thought I'd tidy them up before posting, but that's never gonna happen so I might as well just put them out there right away before I regret it. Since 2008, a new one has been made each year, so there's 5 of them, and hopefully I'll make it a routine to add one more for each year that passes. For now, there's still a lot of work to be done, but I'll get there!

[Also those themes aren't actually there yet! Hopefully soon...]

Just Had To Quote This...

Thank you for sharing that with us. The level of insight and literary proficiency your expression of opinion displays is truly phenomenal. Everything from the non-standard spellings and absolute derth of punctuation and grammar (used strictly and unilaterally for technical effect, might I add), all the way down to the meaningful and effective use of Enjambment with poetic grace and deep significance, makes your post a wonderous pleasure to read and behold. Giving you a prestigious literary award for your profound declaration of philosophical mastery would be insufficient in fairly representing the magnificence of your writing.

That MTV Intro

My thought involves the MTV intro, featuring a bunch of astronauts, sitting in a cinema with their suits on. One of them has a bag of popcorn, and some of the popped corns are slowly floating upwards in the air as the picture zooms out and the MTV logo appears.

At first I thought “cool”, but then I realized: why the hell is an astronaut with a suit on holding a bag of popcorn in his hand?! He can’t eat it with a suit on, so should I be surprised about the fact that he has a bag of popcorn or that he has a suit on when he has a bag of popcorn? Am I slow on reacting? Did they make a mistake? Is it meant to be that way? What's the point? And how did they make the popcorn float like that? Maybe they had to have the astronaut suits since it would seem strange with popcorn floating in the air without them? Anyway. That's me over-reacting to random commercial ideas. Most probably it's: meant to be random.

[Most obviously. I feel like I probably wasn't as dim as this post might lead you to believe back when I wrote this, I just didn't formulate my logic and impression in the best possible way...]

Licensed Shows

First Naruto was licensed, then Gundam SEED was licensed. What's next? I sure hope Bleach won't be licensed. Grenadier and DearS have been licensed too, though luckily I had already downloaded them both before they were removed, but now I live in constant fear while downloading 5 GB episode packs [back when I wrote this bandwidth wasn't in the surplus it is today] knowing that my download might be terminated at any time. What is the world coming to?! Maybe it's better to download licensed anime illegally instead since I know they won't be removed. Anime is becoming more and more popular and more and more anime series are being licensed, some before they even appear in Japan. Ah! My Goddess was licensed last week - I had come to episode 7 and I can now not find anymore episodes of that series for download anywhere. :( The only license I'm looking forward to is my drivers.

[The site I was using back then was most probably AnimeSuki. It's so old, this one post. I didn't even have capitalized i's (as in me's). As far as anime distribution goes times sure have changed the last decade, with legit streaming services like Crunchyroll and the like taking over the scene; pushing fansubs into a small corner... and bandwidth is in surplus too. Watching most of the more popular shows is all but a challenge now.]

Wynaut & Other Pokemon Bits

Wynaut evolved and learned 4 new moves one after the other.


In Trainer School two girls are trading Seedot. There are plenty of clues like this all through the game, so pay attention. Seedot is one of the Pokemon you can't catch in Sapphire, you have no trade to get it.


Absol was hard to catch, even with just a tiny fraction of life left, almost like a legendary Pokemon. Actually, he (or was it a she?) was probably harder than the average legendary Pokemon...


I was fighting a lv 29 Swellow with my own Swellow, lv 34, and almost knocked it down with a single Quick Attack!

Onyx & Dugtrio Pokeballing

Tried catching a lv 17 Onyx. Brought it down to around 2-3 HP. Brought its Defense, Attack & Evasion as far down as I could and wasted over 30 Poké Balls and 1 Great Ball trying to catch it before accidentally killing it trying to bring in down to only 1 HP.

Caught a lv 31 Dugtrio with 3 Poké Balls.

Undone Game Pack Project

I downloaded the kickstart arcade package a while back [tried to find a link now but not sure it exists anymore], but I wasn't happy. The quality of all games was not satisfactory, some games were not games at all but rather animations (which have no place in a normal arcade), and despite the website claiming that they had one of the lowest duplicate frequencies in history I found a large amount of duplicate games pretty quickly. Aside from that, the descriptions were filled with typos and bad grammar, and the game icons were of different size and quality as well.

I have gone through this package and a few others, as well as added or replaced unsatisfactory games with thousands of individual games from various websites to make my own set. All thumbnails have been made exclusively for this package, and they are available in different sets of sizes, something no game pack thus far has been able to do! They are all custom-made and also made to look as good as possible. Quick modifications have been done in some of them to remove text and other unwanted elements, or to fill out the background where there have been borders or where the game wasn't big enough. This package is one of the largest game packs online, but the main difference with this one is the quality. In this package there is included:

- 5,000 unique flash games within varied genres.
- Short grammatically correct descriptions for all games.
- Quality thumbnails in sizes 50x50px, 75x75px, 100x100px & 160x100 pixels.
- SQL files to directly import all games to your database.
- No games with Mochi ads.
- NO Duplicates.

Furthermore, this game pack is alive. The games have not just been collected, bundled together, and left for granted. More games will be added constantly and old ones will be removed if they no longer function or if they are found to not be of sufficient quality to be included. Games are however looked at in terms of quality entertainment, not quality graphics - even games that don't look so good can be extremely addictive. With this pack you'll not only get the stuff mentioned above, but also:

- A %5 refund on the price you pay for any duplicate you may find. The refund is valid as long as we have not released an upgrade concerning the duplicate before you report it.
- Free upgrades for five hundred games onward.

If you buy the pack now when the game amount is at 5,000, don't worry about having to buy it again when it's up at 5,500. You'll be able to buy each additional 500 games separately for only $2 as an existing customer. All games are available either as one big pack or in chunks of 500 games each.

[I'm still thinking about getting this thing on the road, some day, but there's probably not that big a market for it any longer. If you would be interested of such a pack let me know! The sales price was planned at ca 20 USD.]

Posting Cause I Don't Have Time

lmao, isn't that how it always is?

The more I try to get things done, the more things I have to do, the less I get done, the less time I have to get things done, the more the circle keeps spinning around. Yeah? Well, that old vicious cycle is over now, it's done, it's not here anymore, I stopped with that, for real, word, seriously, true dat skit.

So now I'm sitting here posting with a shitload of projects on my back, yeah, but guess what, I haven't started any new ones. I'm taking care of the ones already on the way. Sure there are a lot of them and I probably won't get them all done this year, but it's a start, it's the beginning of new things to come, and apart from the mini-projects (like this blog, or a poem, or a walk in the garden called Earth) I ain't stepping for anything. Yeah really.

But isn't that how it always is?

Raklöddersburkar Minskar

Tre raklöddersburkar, den ena mindre än den andra. Först var det en rejäl burk, en sådan som räcker i flera månader - säkert billig också. Sen blev det en lite mindre, vanlig storlek - något lyxigare modell. Nu är det helt plötsligt en ganska liten förpackning. Nytt märke är det också, men inget märkvärdigt. Mindre finns, men vad hände med dom rejäla?

That SPAM-Preventing Plugin

I was messing around with my SPAM-prevention plugin and it stopped working, so I uninstalled it. DAMN! I never knew it did this much good! For each post I post I now get at least 10 SPAM comments instantly, which isn't a lot compared to other large blogs, but it still is way more than 0... which is what I had with the old plugin installed.

I don't mean 0 comments, I mean 0 SPAM comments, though people sure are bad at posting comments too...

2011 Workouts Working Out

So far things are going good. The gym I checked out earlier turned out to be not shabby at all, so since then I've been going there with my buddy David twice each week, working out for 1-2 hours each time.

I don't waste time resting: as soon as one group of muscles tire I just run on to the next machine, so I'm a bit surprised that time still flies by so fast, and that I don't tire quicker. Working out at home always had me tired quicker, but not here.

[...and I'm not sure how workouts worked out after that! I went to the gym a few months, at irregular intervals. My subscription ended. It took a while to get to. Renewal was expensive. Since then: no more gym.]

Unused Silence Denied Blurb

Silence Denied was a CD I made for myself back in 2003 filled with music I'd made during that year and earlier during 2002. It featured over 30 tracks, of which all except two are listed here (they were a bit personal). This is also the oldest musical project on site, and the only one from 2003. It has some music on it I thought had been lost forever until I found this album lying around. Some of the tracks here can be found elsewhere on the site, but I decided to keep the tracks ripped from the CD separate, even though the quality is actually worse, just so it is consistent throughout the whole tracklist. Twisted Reality and Mentality were created with Punk-O-Matic over at NG, a great app in Flash for easily creating music which I really liked (and still do). I made plenty of other tracks with this program that were unfortunately lost during a computer crash way back when. There is a sequel to Punk-O-Matic here, which is in many ways more advanced, but it will still never be the same as the original. It was easy.

[As for Silence Denied? It's hidden away in a folder somewhere... for now.]

More Unused Blurbs

Since early days we've been the first to offer musicians the ability to distribute legal music via P2P, not in their words exactly, but that's pretty much the phrase they use to start describing their service. So they're not illegal anymore? What a change!


Usually a window doesn't open twice. If for example I try opening 'My Computer' two times, only one window is displayed. Exceptions occur though, today, and I'm wondering why they occurred?


I really feel free now that the poetry collection for 2009 is finally typed onto computer and up on the website. Check it out here [No link because it's not done... or at least it wasn't when I first started revising and commenting on this draft! Over two years ago. Damn. It's up now so here's that link]. Was planning to have it up ages ago, but plans don't go as planned man. A book featuring three hundred poems from the past three years (this collection included, modified) will also be appearing sometime at the end of this month. :) [At the end of some month, maybe!]


Finally the filler is over! I was relieved when they switched from regular Naruto to Shippuden. The style was completely refined, so much better, with so much smoother action sequences, and so much more content in each episode. Everything was going great until the grand showdown between Pain & Naruto, and then they switched back to this horrible filler again, but alas, now that's over too.


If you're running heavy processes, like encoding or compressing large amounts of files, DON'T do it on an external drive. It will go faster if you first move all those files to an internal drive and then do the work, unless you have USB3 or external SATA cables, but I doubt you do, that's really rare. [Well it was...]


Explorer crashes every time I try to rename a folder.

Awesomestart Still There?

Remember this site I posted about many years ago? I decided to check it out and see if it was still alive, and yepp, it sure is, and it's still awesome.

I haven't been using the page because I started looking after better alternatives and eventually gave up looking, because there were none. Actually there are tons, but they were all too complex for me - I didn't need all the features they offered, all logins collected in one place (not very wise security-wise) and all the other fancy features.

Actually I didn't need anything, I could type in the address to wherever I wanted to go within a couple of seconds, visit different sites each time I fire up my browser, maybe do a search via the one built into the browser (I have Google as my start page right now too, even easier), etc etc. But, Awesome Start is awesome, I thought about switching back, but nah, don't need it. For those who do it is in my Links directory now, though.

The site hasn't changed anything at all in 5 years. The layout is a bit smoother, with rounded corners and refined CSS design, and obviously there are new themes too, but it never made it to explosive popularity and the craving for customizable homepages must have died down because not much has changed at all. It's still there though, still awesome, check it out if you haven't.

Awesomestart Still Awesome? Well it's still there. [Also, I wrote this a few years ago but... looks like it's still there! Still the same too. And awesome.]

How Often To Back Up?

Monthly, Weekly, Daily?

It all depends on your pace. Me? I don't backup automatically, I have an automatic backup script that I start manually every once in a while. How often is every once in a while? Well, I can't say I'm very good at doing backups, but by rule of thumb I try to backup all changed files immediately, keeping a mirror of the directory I am working on. Databases and things I can't keep synced all the time I try to backup when a day's work has been added, I don't want to lose more than that. I'd hate to lose a whole day, but it could be worse, it could be more.

[This has changed, JSYK. Maybe something to write a new post about sometime... some time?]

Books I Read 2014

  • King of The Cloud Forests (1987) by Michael Morpurgo
  • MAD's 21:a Inbundna Årgång (1980)
  • Tage Danielsson - Mannen Som Slutade Röka (1968) by Dante Alighieri
  • The Ninja (1980) by Eric Van Lustbader
  • Old BIlly's Enchanted Valley (1993) by Bruce Peardon
  • 22 Ungar På Barnhem (????) by ??? (It was a children's book)
  • Pearls, Girls & Monty Bodkin (1972) by P. G. Wodehouse (Smycken, Tycken och Monty Bodkin in Swedish)
  • The Wrecking of Offshore Five (1967) by Ronald Johnston
  • Getting Things Done (1978) by Edwin C. Bliss
  • Harry Potter, books 1-4 (1997-2000) by J. K. Rowling

Books I Read 2012

  • Traci Lords - Underneath It All (2003) by Traci Lords (It was good!)
  • Gerald Seymour - En Sång i Gryningen (1988) by Gerald Seymour (I don't even remember this one...)

[I'm pretty sure I read more than these two too.]


Unexpectedly steamy scenes for a kid's comic...

The Shower Scene


Unexpected Detail

Oh Yeah!

That Sun


[Yes, it's Donald Duck. The real thing. Times be changing.]

God's God

I don't usually post other people's videos in the blog, so maybe I'll leave this one in here. Made me laugh a bit. :) And ponder. And contemplate the eternal questions of our existence! And then subscribe... [and unsubscribe since I wrote this, since I have no time to watch all the shizzle I watch.]

Fun Fact: the maker of this particular video is currently pulling in over $3000 per video via Patreon!! Holy shit.

Welcome To Sweden

This just about sums up our situation right about now...

I mean I'm all about love, getting together regardless of race or heritage and helping each other, but opening the floodgates for immigration and letting in everyone is not how to solve the problems of the world. We need to think of our world first. An unsustainable financial and cultural climate can't sustain anyone in the long run, and honestly I think overpopulation is the biggest threat of our time. The fewer we are the larger our natural reserves, the better our environment, the better for all other breeds that live there, and the less we need to build, and exploit, and capitalize the country... not to mention all that's mentioned in the video above.

We should first and foremost solve problems where they occur - help people where help is needed, and let the people who do come here anyway be both accepted and introduced to our culture and society in a better way, not unconditionally sheltered, shut off and given a share of hard-working tax payer money to use at their leisure, but told both what they have a right to get from society and what they need to contribute. The divide is there right from the start as it is. People who have lived here their entire lives and contributed a large wealth of taxes will never get as much in return as our earlier immigrants did. And there are neither resources nor time to welcome infinite amounts. Not properly. You know the proverb about the village? This is the simile.

[It's getting a lot better since that video was posted though. Politicians are finally waking up and realizing it's not a sustainable way... though they tread carefully. Change is slow and fickle, but it is changing.]

Marabou Contest 2010

This was my entry:

Choklad i stora lager gör varje vardag fager. Mörka lena långa rader med kräm och frasiga fasader.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Master Mod

As of today, the zero point five 'Half Good' version is released.

The Master Mod is a major modification that basically improves everything there is in the game and adds lots more to it. Using various large texture replacements, minor tweaks and patches, as well as a gigantic amount of extra functions I created a masterpiece. The strain it puts on my computer can be measured at the same levels as GTA 4 (which is the one reason I'll stop updating this mod until I can get my hands on a new PC with at least twice the RAM and memory), and the difference in graphical detail and effect is intense.

Features from the both other 3D GTA games in this trilogy have been ported into this mod, allowing you to for example dive out of a car's vicious destructive path (from VC) or show cops the finger and get a wanted level (from III). There are even features ported from the version after this one, such as flying though windshields when hitting an object at high speed, picking up the phone at desired intervals, etc. It really adds quite a lot of extra functionality and essence to the game. There are a few added areas in the game, such as the large Fantasy Island in front of the Los Santos beach, with 8 kilometers of winding roads over a Chinese [I think it was actually Japanese] hillside, and I've made sure to not add any major script changes, so you can still load your old save games and keep playing!

In addition to all this, a large array of game and modding tools are included, as well as numerous sets of wallpapers, icons, missions, player models... and more! The mod both enhances and adds to the game, but does not remove anything, thus you can install other mods on top of this, as long as they add textures to files instead of replacing the entire files, in which case everything would crash (or in a best case scenario parts of this mod be overwritten).

[Though this was never unofficially announced way back when, the mod does exist! Files and previews can be found here.]

Random Land

I don't know how to describe it, I've never been in a situation like this before, and I've never been governed by nationality in such a position before. I think I'm flowing far out of my bounds, my reach is bringing me down, I can't seem to find a right way to describe it. This life is a strange one to me. It never follows through in the ways I planned, and it can't seem to meet up to the stunning demand that grows and builds nests in its branches, which leaves me confused.

Dance Ejay 7 Crashes

Dance Ejay 7 shuts down. It doesn't seem to crash as anonymously as I thought it did, instead I've traced the cause down to every time I use more than 7 layers for more than 4 seconds in a row. It also seems to happen only when I combine Bukha loops, and I'm wondering why. If anyone has the answer let me know. Chau!

The Secret To Blogging Success

The formula is simple. You chose your niche, you delve into it, and you keep going. Dedicate yourself to it. Let it become more than work: a routine. Choose a niche that you can consider a hobby and the work will do itself. Don't take breaks (as in vacations - do get out of your chair occasionally). Don't miss a week. Give your readers consistency, because all visitors seek a stable flow of content. Be persistent, and you will get there. It may take a while, but you will get there.

If it takes a long time, and you start doubting, wondering if maybe you chose the wrong niche: disregard that thought. You'll get there.

Don't like writing? Then you're doing the wrong thing. Don't like your niche? Then you chose the wrong one. Don't think you have what it takes? Just keep going; you'll get there.

I know the formula, and yet I rant. I don't have a niche. I'm not consistent. My blog is all but a routine. I don't consider it work, but it's not my main hobby, and I take breaks when I need them. I am persistent however, not because I expect to get there, but because I like writing. Yet sometimes I wonder if it's all worth it. Are there better ways I could spend this time?

I don't know. But when in doubt: just keep going. You'll get there.

Untitled Post On Quotes

I found out I've been using 'quotes' wrong all this time! The act of quoting, is, I quote: "a quote".

The quotation in itself however, is always a 'quotation'. Fortunately the misuse is a widespread phenomena, so I guess I don't need to change my habits yet... but it's good to know.

Also good knowing is that the use of single quotation marks is to highlight words not being used for their meaning. Apparently using single quotes for everything that isn't directly a quote (sorry, quotation) is wrong. I wonder if this know-how will make itself past the know-how stage and into application...

One Morning I Decided To Write

So I woke up this morning with statual obsessions on my mind. I decided to write a blog post, a blog post as long as I could possible write it. Just type and type and type and type until... I reached 10,000 characters... which is just about the size of one of these leftover posts I've put out recently [zing], comprised of a large array of unposted material and other tidbits of writing. Just revising one of those posts to get it ready for publication (after previously having written all that material) takes a massive amount of time, so it really is no simple task. I'm starting to tire at the mere idea of writing such much material, but how about a challenge to spiff things up. How about: I attempt to write exactly 10,000 words without counting the words until I'm done, and see how accurate my textual estimation skills are? Sounds better already. Let's just keep going and see where all of this takes me... plus, venting in text is a great way to start the day. Just get out all of those inner thoughts that you might keep bottled for the rest of it/might hinder your potential accomplishments/might better open your creative outlet for whatever's to come during this incredibly rainy and dull session of time that lies ahead.

So, I woke up this morning. I woke up around 10. I might've woken up earlier, but it was at that time I first looked at my alarm clock, and realized... well no, I didn't fully realize it at that point. I closed my eyes again, and realized upon opening them once more that the time was now 10:23. Time to get up.

Once I decide I always get up quickly. I don't jump straight out of bed per say, but I don't waste time just sitting at the edge of the bed, grumbling over lack of sleep or any other potential disturbia that so often clouds my morning (especially winter). I get up right away, I put on some clothes, usually, though in this case I just headed straight for the shower. I shaved. I showered. I applied wet water to my face shortly after the shower to prevent a cloud of zits from popping up (cold water closes the pores; prevents them from gathering fat and bacteria and other stuff they're more easily susceptible to right after a shave). I then turned on the computer, started dressing, went back to the computer to log in, put on a pair of socks, opened my curtains and threw yesterday's clothes in the laundry, sprinkled some bicarbonate under my shoulders (cheap deodorant) and sat down by the computer again, now fully loaded, to open up the browser and get about my daily tasks.

My first task of the day is NewGrounds. It's always NG. I'm already logged in most of the time (last year my login session kept expiring for some reason so I had to log back in once or twice a week at least, but that never happens now *knock on wood*), so I just hit the Portal button, vote on that which I have not voted on already last night, leave a comment on the daily P-Bot Top 5 (before summer I left reviews for all submissions at the same time, but right now it feels that time's a lacking), if there's any new news I check that (nothing new today), if there are unread PMs I check those (I have a few waiting since yesterday, but not really prepared to take on those yet), and if there's nothing more that catches my eye (which there wasn't at this time - I was feeling particularly efficient and wanted to move on to the next part of my morning routine) that's it for NG.

Mext part of the routine is email. I have two main accounts I check (multiple) times each day. One at Yahoo!, and one at Gmail. I had an email waiting in one of them, to which I replied with unnatural haste, printing out an attached document, and then I moved onto the next part of my routine, which is...

This blog! The comment counter had increased by two, so I opened up the comments section, opened up the posts to which the comments had been posted and wrote a couple of quick responses. Always a good start of a day with a comment or two waiting on me - lets me know somebody actually read this stuff!!! (Are you reading this, you who read but never comment?!) I skim the post and page counts while I'm at it, since they're all in the same area on the dashboard, and the 'latest posts' list, and unless something seems out of order I don't pay it much mind. Nothing was out of order today. I popped open the Project 2015 category anyway to read the latest poem that'd been automatically scheduled last night... for reason unknown. To see if the quality was OK? To check for typos I might have missed yesterday when I dug through an assortment of text files and scheduled new bits and pieces to post? These bits and pieces are getting shorter and shorter lately, almost too short, though since they are short pieces I can't see myself doing anything else with them other than possibly simply deleting or (more probably) leaving them to clog my text files for an eternity... a lot of short lines do get posted. There's no escaping it! Well, the first poem looked good. I didn't skim the others. My profile pic was OK too, I decided (I've considered updating it),

Next, I opened up YT and TF, and skimmed the latest. No new news. One new video. Took a daily statdump at NG Logs in the meantime... and that's the end of my morning routine! Took a walk in the rain, long, good, and... I'm not sure I feel like typing up 10,000 words after all. :/ How about a thousand? I think this is it! (And it was... 1005! :D)

Decided To Write Something...

​I decided to just write something, try typing as fast as I ever could and maybe something good would come out of it. Like: you don't need to see the world through my eyes to see the same world.

Or word. Or whatever. It's something.

Quote Of The Whenever

Quote of the Week, Month, Year ideas again... but of course, pretty much all four-letter domains (.COM) are taken already. And with no .COM... I might as well have it as a subdomain here! So, check it out.

[No, this did not become a thing. Too many other projects.]

Capital Cataclysm

Stop wasting time, start making money. My motivation shifts. Life is not what I want, and money is the cure. Forget passion. Forget pride and principle. Suddenly, I'm a capitalist.

Unused Review Snippet

I write spontaneous, no-nonsense reviews. If you'd like me to watch and review a movie you've made, please send me a link or file I can watch. I won't buy or rent it if it's not already on my radar. Feel free to also recommend titles via the form below. It might take a while, but if it seems good I'll see it.

[Maybe I will add something like this to the reviews section some day. Maybe. My current, personal watchlist far surpasses tolerable lengths at the time of writing, thus this is - if it is, something for the far-off future.]

The Real Treasure

One Piece - have you ever considered that the treasure they may be seeking, may be the adventures they have while seeking said treasure, through our eyes? One Piece is the treasure for us, as we watch them seeking their own treasure: One Piece, the treasure for them.

Speaking of treasures, if you want more of these old gems, check out my last batch of abandoned drafts. That's all for now.


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