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Ever Been To Dublin?

I'm headed there this weekend! Hopefully*.

Hotel costs are about 30% higher than they are in Sweden - which are high enough already.

Commuting costs however are about half our price - and even less if you get a tourist pass. Which works on buses trams and everything for a full weekend. Maybe it's not as neccesary there as here though, a lot of locations are probably within walking distance...

I hear the best pub over there's Temple Pub, and that there's really no reason to be in Dublin unless you visit a pub, and that you'd best stay away from the North or West parts of the city, and watch out for pick-pockets. From a local. I wonder what locals say about Sweden, is life really that much more utopian here... I've never heard of local pick-pockets. There's no area that I know of that's particularly dangerous to outsiders either. Anywhere's potentially dangerous if you're there at the wrong time.

* I say hopefully because I have that feeling you feel when you might possibly have a cold coming on. But now is not the optimal time for that, so I shall ignore that feeling, and be healthy today, and pack like there's not even a possibility I won't tomorrow be on that plane. Cause in part that'd be relief but: really more of a shame.

How the game development's going otherwise? It's going well! Finally. I'm getting into that creative groove again. I'll hopefully have more detailed progress reports to drop here later this month.

That's all. I'm out. Enjoy this drum cover I've been totally obsessed with the last week or so.

That's the level of commitment I aspire to reach. Where I'm a peak. Where ain't nobody higher than me.

Peace out.


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