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Every Last One Of Them (2021)

Every Last One Of Them (2021)

You know what this is about by the title right? Vengeance. All the way. Though as to for whom and why that'll reveal itself if you see the film.

It was gray, gritty, and great... in the full range and showcase of emotion in their screams, in the sleaziness' of the strip joint in the beginning, in the small town setting where all is owned by one man, and then this one man arrives to throw sticks in his spokes with a savage strain of justice...

It's a shame the strip joint visit was such a short-lived movement. I felt like this movie was at its peak there, with the sleazy setting and proper protagonist intro before it all came tumbling down. The actors had potential, the premise was good, the isolation perceptible, but after that it just wasn't as spectacular as the intro seemed to promise.

Nothing wrong with the action; nothing wrong with the emotion either when those moments do come, it just seems the tension doesn't hold, the script's not great, and the overall experience ultimately comes across a little underwhelming.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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