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Everybody Tripping, Dripping, Slipping...

So my mom caught the covid too apparently. Again. From me. Again.

It's been a couple weeks and a couple days since I probably caught it myself. I've had plenty of time to rest, I've been free of fever for over a week now, yet haven't been making the most of that rest time potential the last few days at least. Staying up late. Sitting by the computer full-time again. Eating less ideally - for the first five or so days at least I was super strict. Mashed bananas and garlic every morning, plenty of imperative supplementation, fluids, cough-reducing tinctures, no milk, minimal sugar - virtually nothing unhealthy at all.

And she was fasting most of that time, which I attributed her not getting sick to later one. A stronger immune system then. Must be. I'd settled in the contentment that she probably wouldn't get it this time.

But no, it just took longer.

Now she has the same relentless cough that I did, probably a fever too, no sense of taste and a sleepless night behind her. Usually she's up early to wash dishes and what-not, but not today, and that routine's a sacred one, in good health or no she always does those dishes... it kind of worries me.

Not that I can't wash dishes. The dishes are handled.

It was a huge pile of dishes yet it took a mere twenty minutes to plow through, and I feel better about my day already than I've done in some time. I understand now why she likes to start the day with those dishes. It gives you a sense of purpose, a sense of satisfaction with the gratifyingly visual dish-related accomplishments and kitchen cleanliness, and at the same time a light kind of warm-up that gets you started proper.

Maybe we should all wash some dishes every morning. It's meditative too. Need to use more dishes.

My worry is not in regard to the dishes though but for the apparently complete depletion of energy that leads her to stay in bed, though awake, rather than head downstairs to complete said task. For the uninitiated reader she's closing in on 80 y/o. Old people are tough but...

If this current case of what I assume to be a newer mutation of the 'rona (or we ought be immune already) is the same as it was for me she'll have a relentless cough for a few days, then a high fever, then get better, then get a slimier cough that lasts at least another week.

I still have mine, though it's gradually dissipating, hopefully it's all gone by the time me and good buddy/cousin David hit the planes and fly off to Poland next week, it's just a few days away now...

My Spring this year really isn't turning out the way I planned it.

I missed the customary half-price ice cream campaign that PressbyrÄn traditionally run at the very start of May too cause of covid - which I've been taking full advantage of in recent years as to try whatever new ice cream they have for the summer.

I missed my first trip up North, as I've raved about already.

My work days got cut even further till August - at which time hopefully company finances have recovered - or said work may end entirely.

I fill my days with dues yet feel a little lost and crippled in this vast expanse of opportunities that the world's comprised of. Like I can't just jump into any occupation I'd like to. Taste-testing and mystery shopping may be fun side hustles, but post tax and commuting costs the gigs I get there don't pay much at all. Super weak cost/benefit ratio.

I bought a reseller hosting account the other day though, real cheap, and plan to get properly started with selling that post-summer... need to register a company name and do it properly this time. Could host people unofficially but would rather not get called in for tax evasion if it does turn into a somewhat profitable alternative job. Which I do hope it does.

I have marketing ideas in store here. It's not so much about the hosting as about what services you sell with that hosting. The market's saturated with people trying to act the middle man and make a little extra the reseller way - the easy way - but few probably do when they don't offer anything new...

So I do have a spark. An idea. A vision I shall nourish and test. I have a few potential clients awaiting. I have other jobs I've been berating. I have a webshop soon in the making. Ideas for which time I'll be staking.

But come this summer this house will be vacant, I'll be on vacation, I'm not complaining! Finances aren't great, but while I'm away, I'll focus more on the shape I will make. My form my norm, my swelling main frame. There's no telling how much I'll excel in my game. I'll get into selling, foretelling my fame. Compelling a melon - to eat is my bane.

In vain my vanity I've tried to claim. Feeble attempt, meager in gain. Crawl like a Smeagol right out of this cave. Go like Moana or Merida in Brave! Into the free sea, onto my reign. I rebel cause regular people are slaves. Stay in the system, sit and behave. Listen while vision we'll take it away.

Dreams are for aliens, deviants pale. Green is my face when I see how they play. Games with the world, greedy and vile, final nail in the coffin? They each have a pile. Each with a smile. Each without seeing the heathens beside, thinking just one nail is easy to try. Easy to not see, we villainize Nazi, yet the evilest people look like you and I!

They cheat and they lie, find loopholes to hold, don't speak your mind.
Only good people, still seek comply.

Hope mom gets better anyhow. I'm out. Walk time. Stroll, saunter, get some sun... hopefully all is good in days yet to come.


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