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Exit Wounds (2001)

Exit Wounds (2001)

A movie with DMX and Steven Seagal as main characters! And Anthony Anderson and Tom Arnold as side-kicks! And Michael Jai White and Isaiah Washington and Jill Hennessy and Bill Duke and Eva Mendez in the mix! What could go wrong? I don't know half those names btw but I recognize their faces - and fortunately there is IMDB for reference. Nothing, apparently (as for what could go wrong).

It's an action movie with all the necessary elements that action requires, along with a quite elaborate plot and plenty of intrigue and personality. Steven Seagal still speaks with that trademark whisper and half-smile-half-frown and I can think of a hundred potential better character replacements for him... but in the end he fits the mold, he is a main character type of guy and the movie twists hither and dither and you're left with a maybe forgettable but not noticeably flawed piece of cinematic action. Good movie!

 rated 3/5: not bad


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