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Expect The Unexpected (1998)

Expect The Unexpected (1998)

A cops and robbers story, with a little romance, that escalates into a bloodbath in which everyone is killed. It's an unexpected ending, though it shouldn't be considering the title. It feels like I should have foreseen it. Anyway, it's pretty tragic, so better not watch this expecting something good to happen when everything seems hopeless. The real killers all get shot up early, the police are leaving for Happy Hour and see a couple of smalltime thugs on their way to a rob some jewelry store and do justice by stopping them, resulting in a shoot-out killing everyone involved. The movie isn't shorter than the average, still it feels like everything happens so quickly. The plot is simple but deviantly outlined, mostly everyone present at the start of the movie is present at the end, and through the movie, personalities are presented and developed, and at the end they are all broken down. Everything happens within the lapse of two or three days, but it's a perfect loop. It's not a supercop movie, there aren't any awing effects, there isn't any amazing comedy, it's as real as it gets, it's the value of human life broken down into a watchable chunk of film. I don't hate the ending, but I don't like them all dying, but I love this movie.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

Man that's a lot of spoiler tags btw! :D Didn't write this review considering what I'd have to hide...


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