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Exploring Gmail Attachment Limits

I was locked out of my account again this morning, this time for just writing a regular text-based e-mail. I should've waited until two, now it looks like it might take a while...

Why should I have waited? Well because I've been sending over a bunch of photos, roughly 400MB worth of images per day for a few days, and unless I don't wait 24 hours between each batch... this happens.

The limitations seem rather static. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with actively overloading Gmail's servers, there's simply a hidden limitation on how much you can send in a certain day, limited to what seems to be a certain total amount of storage rather than a certain amount of files. I thought I'd learned the limitations a while back, but some days my account ends up locked anyway, so it's probably a little less than what I was assuming (I was assuming 500MB). A bit annoying, but tolerable if you stick to a less-than-20x25MB-email-per-day rule. So I exceeded this limit yesterday, and this morning when I attempted to respond to a regular text-based email (without attachments)... my account was locked for... the fifth time in two weeks? :/

This turned out to be more of a rant than I planned! I was initially going to figure out exactly how much you can send before an account is locked, but that seems like unnecessary hassle. To sum things up: don't send more than 400MB worth of attachments/day if you're using Gmail and there should be no problem. For most people, that's probably a limit they won't ever notice.

I wonder if upgraded plans have any such limitations...


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