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Extinction (2014)

Extinction (2014)

Reminds a little of the Blair Which Project. Mixed up with a little
Jurassic Park.

It's a documentary-styled fictional venture into the uncharted forests of a parallel future, with a slightly annoying cameraman doing most of the narration and occasional reaction.

That said it wasn't as bad as I was expecting a few minutes in. It feels real. The camera shakes a bit too much occasionally, but for the most part it feels sloppy in a realistic kind of way. Expressions. Camera motions. Lack of make-up in the morning. The little things. It feels spontaneous to the point it just might have been choreographed masterfully and most of all real. Cause that's what they're going for, of course.

We also see a nice snake, and a few bugs, a nice dinosaur prop and a desperate farewell but... it doesn't feel 100%. And with this type of movie it feels like it has to, to really go all the way. Props on the reverse psychology with the 'no they'll probably think it's just a hoax' though, even if it rhymes badly with the more cliche ending. Retour. Sequel potential. Ominous road trip again.

It really wasn't bad though. If you really immerse yourself it may jump a rating.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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