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Extraction Day (2014)

Extraction Day (2014)

I heard bad things about this movie, but as far as B-movies go it was better than expected. The special effects weren't always the most amazing, and the guns didn't always seem very heavy to fire, but I've seen so much worse, and they did other things right. They kept the pace, they acted well, and though the plot was a bit messy in part, it followed through from start to finish, revealing more and more along the way. There was both action and intrigue, and even a short car chase they aced. The blood looked realistic, the fights were fluent, and the chain of events made sense. I liked the intro and ending too, dubstep music combined with flashes of creative film.

It wasn't all perfect, but even mainstream movies rarely are, so considering supposed limitations and budget, I'm pretty impressed.

The story's basic: there's a virus on the loose, a virus with the potential to kill everyone on the planet, and only one man has the cure. Unfortunately for him, his girlfriend gives him a drug that erases his memory, right before the building they are in is stormed and they both escape, killing a few perps in the process. He battles his lack of memory, and doesn't trust her at first, but she's all he's got, so they stick together until... events unfold.

The title makes little sense until the end, but even then it's cryptic. I feel like they could've chosen a better one. It was a good movie though. Not one I'd watch again, but it kept me from skimming, had good suspense, and a script with a few surprises.

Jeremy Ninaber makes a movie debut here as main character too, and though he looks almost excessively angry in some scenes, he plays the lead well, as do the crew. Not bad.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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