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Eyes, Soap & Other Rhymes

Man, not a single post since I posted last weeks blogpost... at the... near end of this week. Dang. This place is falling behind! It's calling sometimes! Telling my mind I need to fall back in line. Stop the stall and rewind. Get to hauling with rhymes. Set an awe so divine you can't applaud or define. Just: think. Wonder. Contemplate. How it can be this blog is beyond so great. But all in due time

I got soap in my eye this morning. I'm hoping my eye's reforming, coping with the soap, and to all John Does a warning: use soap with precaution, yet know caution might fail, if you accidentally poke the corner of your eye with a patch of soap still a coat on a nail. On your finger. The burn still lingers. So this morning I woke, with eye soap, so potent stingers.

And that's really all I have to say this fine day. Other rhyme? I'll save it for some other time.


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