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Fairy Tail 10

Era, head of the guilds. There is a gathering.


They speak about the dark guilds, the threat of Eisenwald that has been eliminated, and that many yet remain and must be taken care of. It is decided that Fairy Tail must be judged after their latest destructive acts. Erza is charged and arrested.

Blue Haired Stranger

This is Seigrain. We'll be seeing more of him later.


Intermission. Back to business...

Erza & Blue Haired Stranger

Erza encounters Seigrain. Looks like the know each other, but it'll take another 25 episodes before we all learn the real truth about him.


At the court, Natsu barges in dressed as Erza and starts torching the place. He's put in a cell as well. Turns out Erza would probably have been dismissed if he hadn't run in, but Erza says she's glad he did.


A new character of the Fairy Tail guild is revealed: Mystogan. He puts everyone to sleep when he walks in and grabs a notice. Only the master has seen his face... and Laxus.


That's Laxus. He's Makarov's grandson, but that won't be revealed in another twenty episodes.

These two are, apart from the master, the strongest two (that we know of) in the Fairy Tail guild. Next episode!


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