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Fairy Tail 14

The battle continues!

Stone Doll

This time the enemy has made a doll out of stone. The wooden one was chopped down by Taurus before he started getting controlled. This one... is there hope?


Lucy summons Aquarius.

There Goes Lucy

The foe gains control and creates a tidal wave, unaware of the consequences.


Puppetmaster In For A Shock

Puppetmaster Down!

While they're both dizzy from a whirlpool, Lucy knocks that bitch down!

Erza Arrives

Few seconds later, Erza arrives. She's come to get them back. She is not happy.



In the village, gray returns. He confronts Erza. To stop him she'll have to kill him, he says. She lowers her sword, but she really doesn't look happy. Lucy & Happy, previously tied up by Erza, are freed, and they all head towards the temple.

At The Temple

Stranger & Toby

A new foe has arrived! Mysterious.

Temple Titled

Natsu is breaking pillars and tilting the temple. With the temple tilted, the moonlight can't get down to Deriora. Sometimes Natsu does have a good idea or two. :) Next episode!


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