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Fairy Tail 58

Lucy & Co

Time for a battle between two stellar mages, Lucy VS Angel!

Charle & Happy

Gray lures Natsu onto a raft. Only it isn't Gray, it's Angel. She soon changes form again.


Aquarius & Scorpion

Angel is a real relationship manipulator. She turns Lucy's stellar spirits against her, against their will. When Lucy summons Aquarius she summons Scorpion, Aquarius boyfriend.


When Lucy summons Loki, she summons Aries to fight Loki. It's revealed that Angel killed Loki's owner, Karen, and stole her keys, along with keys from many other stellar mages. It also turns out that Karen was Hibiki's lover, he's a bit imobalized btw since Angel made Saugitaurus shoot him.

Steller Spirit In The Form Of A Gun

Loki doesn't back out even when it's Aries he has to fight, but Angel shoots both with another stellar spirit in the form of a rifle.

Loki & Aries

Taurus Goes Down

Lucy summons Taurus. The false Lucy seduces him and slices him down.

Spell Data

When all hope seems lost Lucy begs Angel to at least let Aries go. She delivers a dedicating speech, and it ends with Angels stellar spirit Gemeni (the one who can transform) refusing to follow her orders. Hibiki creeps up on Lucy and teachers her a powerful spell through his data magic.

Lucy Learns Powerful Magic

Angelic Light Devours The Demon

And there goes angel!


The victor is Lucy! :) Oh, and Natsu is still on that raft btw...
Next episode!


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