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Fairy Tail 61

Allied Encounter

Allies meet! The encounter with Hoteye is a surprise.

Personality Swapping Made Simple

Here's the personality swap guide for dummies.

Like A Spider It Ravaged The Land

400 years ago there existed a race of people known as Nirvit. The world at the time was engulfed by war, and they didn't like it, so they created a powerful magic to bring balance to the world. An incredible magic that interchanges light and darkness. Hoteye tells the tale of the ancient city they are standing in.

Midnight Arrives

Out of the shadows, Midnight appears.


Hoteye takes him on while the rest escape.

Powerful Blasts

Meanwhile, Natsu is fighting Cobra. Turns out Cobra is a dragon slayer too, or rather, he has dragon lacrima implants, just like Laxus. So he's not a real dragon, Natsu points out. His skill is poison, and the more the battle rages the weaker Natsu gets. Cobras ability to 'hear' everything makes landing a hit real troublesome.

Happy & Natsu

Cry Of A Dragon

Natsu's Roar

Cobra Hears It All

Cobra Goes Down

Eventually Natsu defeats the foe with a surreal roar!

Victorious Duo

On to the next episode.


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