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Fairy Tail 62

Cobra Getting Back Up!

Looks like Cobra isn't done yet. Natsu is helpless.

Cobra Shot In The Back

Brain's Tired

Just in the nick of time Brain appears and shoots Cobra in the back. He's tired of his puppet, he's decided Natsu is better suited, being the 'real' dragon slayer that he is. Cobra goes down, Natsu goes into his regular state of motion sickness (it's a moving city they're on after all) and the rest of the good guys arrive (all except Erza & Gerard).

Liquid Eye

Midnight Losing Hope

Midnight Blast Down

Meanwhile, Midnight gets blasted. He wasn't so tough after all.

Brain Power

Swirling Green Magic

Jura's Yellow Justice


Hitting Rock Bottom

Green Light

Standing On The Stone

Justice Is Light

Rock Solid

Clap Your Hands!

In A Rock & A Hard Place


Jura defeats Brain. He's completely unscratched. I guess the 10 holy mages status isn't anything to play with after all? Brain goes down, but he doesn't reveal the reason why Nirvana is headed toward the Cait Shelter Guild, and Nirvana isn't stopping. Before he dies or loses consciousness or whatever happens to him, he passes along the task to Midnight (who we already know has been blasted down by Hoteye), and a mark disappears from his face.

Woohoo! Yay! Motion sickness No Longer!

Wendy arrives and cures Natsu's motion sickness. :)

Midnight Is Back

In other news, Midnight rises from the ruble, and takes Hoteye down in an instance. "Nirvana won't ever stop. Not as long as I'm here." Next episode!


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