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Fairy Tail 63

Cait Shelter No Shelter

Nirvana slowly approaches Cait Shelter.


Cait Shelter

Midnght Again

On top of Nirvana, Midnight runs into Erza & Gerard.

Jura's Last Stand

At another location, Brain delivers a last blast. Jura goes down.

Erza In A Tight Spot

It appears Midnight's magic is the power to twist and distort anything, Erza's armor too.

The Foe Is Staff

Also, the 7th member of Oracion Seis appears. A staff.


Staff Bash

Natsu bashes the staff a bit, then the staff runs away.

Erza Fights

Erza is fighting a losing struggle. Gerard went down early btw.

Midnight & Gerard


It is revealed that Cait Shelter consist of descendants to the Nirvit race who created the Nirvana magic in the first place. The guild was formed to keep watch and protect against the magic they had themselves created, thus they are first on the list of those who need be destroyed. Time for a showdown, next episode!


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