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Fan (2016)

Fan (2016)

This is the story of a fan.

Gaurav has been idolizing Shah Rukh Khan (or Aryan Khanna in the movie) his entire life, and when he wins a trophy impersonating Aryan at a local contest, he spends his savings to travel to Mumbai and meet up with his biggest star, on his birthday, and hand him the trophy as a present. Yet when he arrives he is but one in a crowd, and Aryan doesn't even see him.

Gaurav doesn't give up though! He forces Aryan's main competitor to apologize to Aryan, publicly, thinking this will let him meet his star, yet Aryan throws him into jail to teach him a lesson. What starts as ample admiration turns into a cat and mouse chase across the city, where Gaurav no longer wants just a simple 'thanks' but instead a 'sorry' for what he's been put through. It could've been just a word, but Aryan doesn't give in, and in the end it doesn't matter anyway because he just doesn't understand.

Shahrukh plays both roles, and so differently I was surprised to read he did, though he does look alike. I was thinking they'd found a pretty talented double. It's apparently his fourth time playing double roles though, so I guess he has had some practice.

It's hard to put the mood of this movie into words. It doesn't follow stereotype, and the plot doesn't go either how you expect it or would like it go, but it all makes sense. It's truthful, tragic and beautiful. It's not the story of an idol - it's the story of a fan.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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