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Fantomas (1964)

Fantomas (1964)

Haha, I never knew old movies could be this much fun! Well I probably do know, but I forget, I don't watch them often enough. Once in a while it's quite nice with a break from the modern-day pace of life, and with Fantomas it's no slow crawl either, it's a leisurely stroll... at times even close to a high speed chase.

The final chase scene, by car, by bike, by train, by helicopter, by boat, and finally... by submarine. That one was wild!

There's comedy, there's action, there are some crazy stunts considering this wasn't made in Asia and the actors don't seem like martial artists... and there's a grand villain with a thousand faces also known as Fantomas *spooky organ music in background*. It's a good movie, like fine wine it's aged well rather than succumb to the pressures of time and explode like a sour jar of jam. The two sequels are up next!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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