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Fantomas Contre Scotland Yard (1967)

Fantomas Contre Scotland Yard (1967)

If there ever was such a thing as the perfect end in a trilogy, this is it.

Unlike all these other trilogies that come out with sequel after sequel , each one building on previous loopholes, each one with the extended potential of new loopholes to exploit, this one movie is truly finite. It ends with a master-plan, and yet, we are no closer to revealing the mystery of Fantomas than we were when it started.

Yet there are plenty of close calls. You'd think some of them are predictable, but somehow the unpredictable always comes up just when you thought you had predicted the outcome, and yet you can predict what's about to happen shortly before it does, so each twist is all the more satisfying because you already knew about it, just in advance. What a perfect way to raise the tension just a little without ruining the plot too far in advance.

The story takes place in Scotland this time, and the Police Inspector steals most of the show by, as usual, playing the fool. I wonder why all these French movies ridicule the police? Even if the police eventually win, they're constantly ridiculed. The police can't have a very good reputation in France...

The movie details a fox hunt, a chase by horse and plane, the pompous sceneries we are used to (yet this time in a different form) and an interesting group of characters. At the end there are a few loose ends, like what happened to all those bandits? And what happened to Dorothy? And what happened to the henchman who slept in the cottage? More loose ends than usual, it seems, even though they're in the shadow of an overall magnificent experience.

It was a good movie, as has been the case with the entire series, each episode as surprising as the previous (though I did enjoy the first chase scene the best... it seems they've had fewer and fewer vehicles to use since then). Would've been cool if it kept going, at the time I'm sure it rivaled James Bond, and it still could have, constantly evolving through the years, each coupe more genius than the previous.

In a way this movie must've been ahead of it's time, considering the 'movie box' was like a laptop, surprisingly sleek for it time, not to mention the rather sleek monitors in the last movie... so the 'futuristic technology' mostly still holds today, as does the rest of the movie. Green screens were used better in this one than the last one too, even though there is one or two scenes when it feels unnecessarily apparent. Oh btw, did you know the same character plays both the hero and nemesis in this entire series? That's quite a feat.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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