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Far Cry 3 Trial Run

Far Cry 3

As a step in my Internet-down-time-to-catch-up time, I tried Far Cry 3. It starts with a party, our protagonist and his brother get caught, the brother (Army man) helps you escape but gets killed in the process, and you wake up in a small jungle village, hailed as 'the one who was able to escape the ??? Camp alive!'

That's how it all begins! The introductory cutscene was impressive. It took me back to the Max Payne 3 party vibe for a while, then to Dead Island with the jungle and overall graphical style, and then... it's time to loot crates, collect cash to buy weaponry, run errands and drive around in a little energetic but hard-to-control run-down rally car through the jungles of this vaguely familiar island with one motive: kill that guy who killed your brother.

But it's not even your own motive, it's one imposed on you by the village elder/leader/guy-who-saved-your-life.

I didn't play very far, but it was a bit disillusioning how you as main character have no will of your own. First you follow your brother. Then this other guy. Then, after having escaped a vicious pack of thugs, dogs, even a helicopter, you're free to roam the jungle and do as you wish, and accomplish someone else's goals while the rest of the villagers relax and party. It's not a menacing setting at all, and after the introduction it feels very anti-climatic.

The engine feels similar to that of Dead Island, and though I had an unhealthy addiction with aforementioned game for a while... it wasn't a game I really liked that much. Each task you did was a task you did to get closer to the end: all the cash, all the hoarding items, all the motiveless kills... this all feels very similar, not only in the motive but also with a similar in-game engine, visuals and control. I think the main difference between this game and Dead Island was that the latter actually had a continuous and very perceptible threat, whereas here it only appears when you want it to. Add to that the RPG-style grinding that I'd rather avoid and here's a game that was disappointingly unlike the straight-out action-packed FPS role-games I like; hoped this would be like.

It looks good. It might even be good if you give it a chance, but I'd rather play a game where the adventure is your own, where progress is linear, where you overcome obstacles and evolve and have a set route to follow - not a map you roam and accomplish motiveless goals in a quest to get somewhere. I like the shop. Shop's good, item-hoarding's good, re-recurrent characters that lead you on or have something to offer is good, but this mission-based gameplay where each mission is like a segment of the same large level, and each one feels just as motiveless, that just gets me in a Rage. Seems like a game I could get stuck in, but not one where progress would feel like a reward. Am I ranting too much? Anyway, first impressions considered (and that's the most important part)... I'd rather play something else.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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