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Fast & Furious 2 - 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

Fast & Furious 2 - 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

This was so much flashier than the first one, but so much FUN, too!

It still feels real, and still about the cars, but also about Miami and the party life and ladies and the threat level... is different.

The villain's a more lavish-living one now, and the feel reminds me a bit of The Transporter, more so than the first F&F movie. And although they are still popping engines at the garage, even have more of these stars, and Jin always had bars... they don't really delve into the details now. They don't mention WHAT is under the hood - they just show it.

Did they feel like the details were overkill in the first one? Is there only so much you can say about the components in a car/what more there's under the hood apart from the engine?

I kinda liked the overboard stuff though.

This was more of a party movie for sure, but it is good.

Brian and Rome's relationship feels wholesome too - feels like he got almost unnecessarily professional in the sequels - the bickering's all gone now.

In a way the plot progression's similar to the first, in how they have two diverse main characters who bond over the course of the movie, and a girl, too, though unfortunately they never really get into anything...

Once upon a time I probably felt like that was refreshing. Like movies don't NEED a real relationship to be a good movie. Funny how you that changes on you as life changes.

Of all the Fast & Furious movies It think this one might actually be a favorite, even if it's in many ways also simpler.

Maybe it's because of Eva Mendes, the eternal beauty. It was nice to see her make a cameo again at the end of the fifth movie too.

Maybe it's because of Ludacris and Suki? I wish Suki would make a comeback too.

Maybe it's because of the cars! There's a good mix of both modern street cars and classic American muscle - but flashier than ever. They're colorful.

Maybe it's the script. Rome throws out some of his best lines in this one - and truly cements him as one of the fundamental figures in the franchise.

Maybe it is the simplicity too. Sometimes simple's good. It really worked here. The movie was bright and ferocious and FUN, and though I do appreciate Dom coming back in as a main character later on Brian wasn't a bad choice here. He could lead too. He's got the charm too.

Of course when the whole gang is gathered the dynamic, and relationships between individual characters in the group change, but it's a bit of a bummer Rome was turned into the comedic relief entirely after this.

His first appearance was bad-ass. Almost could've been a replacement for Dom too in the long run.

Also don't forget the theme songs! The first one wasn't all there in that department but now: soundtrack is truly bangin'. Most memorable intro/outro in the series for sure.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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