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Fast Getaway (1990)

Fast Getaway (1990)

Fast Getaway is the story of cops and robbers... but mostly robbers. Cynthia Rothrock (B-movie premiere martial artist, decent actor and Karate black belt) plays the bad girl, and the main characters are a duo of father (Ken Lerner) and son (Corey Haim, who btw held a promising career but died suddenly age 37 - and had a song made by an Irish band in his memory). Dad & son are both bank robbers, and though the story has some underlying moral it's mostly comedy, mostly you-can't-touch-us type of action: and they keep getting away, and away, and away again even when you think they'll get caught. And then they caught. But... they get away. There are some crazy car chases and plenty of action. So if you like action, and cars, and eighties movies in general (this is kinda like an eighties movie... even if the title claims otherwise) you'll have a fun time with this. Nothing serious, but a fun watch.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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