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Fast Getaway 2 (1994)

Fast Getaway 2 (1994)

Nelson Potter (the kid from the previous movie) has gone legit, has a partner, has a big house; has a dad in jail. The dad isn't doing that bad though, and I assume his being in jail is a change to give Nelson (Corey Haim) a bigger spotlight and acting room. Everything is going OK until FBI agent Rankin pops up and starts snooping, and then Lily (Cynthia Rothrock) starts robbing banks again (well she probably never stopped) and then... it all goes haywire. I mean it all goes South. I'm saying it all turns to shit. I'm meaning they all go bananas and Rankin goes batshit crazy and they monkey around; once again, it's a good (but personally I thought the first movie was better) movie with all the elements that characterized the first, but this time it's more about the kid than the dad. Good movie.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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