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Faster (2010)

Faster (2010)

First thing I thought when I started watching the movie was, wait, isn't that The Rock?

The movie kept going, and all the time I kept on thinking, yeah, it really does look like him, but after a while I came to the conclusion that it wasn't, it couldn't be, he looked different somehow. I don't know what exactly, not as tall, maybe a bit bigger, maybe a bit... older? He's changed a bit, but I guess I should have paid more attention to the introductory credits instead of pondering over the similarities all through the movie, because it certainly was him.

Faster was a pretty gritty movie, a good blend of action and regular dialogue between interesting people. There isn't much real violence, but where there is, it's real, it looks good, it feels just right. The characters are all pretty depressing people, yet the movie isn't as dark as it might have been had they filmed it differently. The story isn't anything new, a story of betrayal and payback, but it works.

There's also a contract killer movie star that kills for a dollar, a quarter per bullet. There's a preacher, there's a good cop, a bad cop, an old man, a family, there's not very many people on the way towards retribution, but the ones that are there are all well picked, they form the story, they bring up values of life and manners, loyalty, perspective, and the movie puts it in pictures that are easy to understand.

I guess I liked this movie because it's simple, and it's well made, all the actors do a good job and the filming is done so that you don't really notice it, it just flows on. There's a car chase, there are a couple of shootouts, a knife fight... there is action. These scenes aren't long, but they're just right, just like they should be. Along with the main character we get to follow a car as well, a Chevrolet Chevelle SS, and the short scene where it spins around and tears up an infinity sign (vertical eight) with its tires on the asphalt is probably my favorite part. It's small elements like this, angles, actions & other events that make the movie what it is.

It's not an amazing movie, with beautiful scenery and gigantic explosions, but still it strikes me now that I'm writing this review that I really have nothing to complain about with it. Whomever made it didn't try to make it something greater than what it was. It's down to earth, it's just right. The actors don't stand out intentionally, they build up their character, they don't get a head start, and it's the same thing with all other elements of the movie. Hope you know what I mean because my try at explaining it sucks. ;)

I'll give it a

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

December, 2014

Faster (2010)

This is the first double-review I post of any one movie here at CDB.

I was considering how I could do this most smoothly: if I should post multiple posts, with numbers appended to the title, keep them one after another, split them up in pages, maybe use a revision feature to sort them... and I decided on this. New reviews may appear if I watch a movie again that I've already previously left a review for, and still feel compelled to write more about it. This is one of those movies. Without further ado, the review:

What's there to say about a great movie other than it's great? I guess movies are meant to sink in, cause second time watching, that's exactly what it does. All the hints are so much clearer now, clues that I previously mistook for details - for spontaneity and effect, but it's a masterfully brewed story of not just vengeance but of all types of relations, and of justice, and purpose of life. During the main character's (we never do learn his name - that's another neat little detail) vengeful venture so many things happen in passing, so many situations come up, so many people, so many threads that weave together this genius intrigue.

It begins great, it ends great, and everything between is just as great. Each characters is refined in their own way, each with their own flaws and strengths - even the main character, and they're all mirrored in each other, victims and villains alike, it offers plenty of surprises, twists, and man-made mastery.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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