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Fat Tuesday 2021

Fat Tuesday 2021

It's that day again! Or was, this Tuesday, just been a bit too swamped to post any pics.

Of course we're still going according to tradition though, this year with a batch of home-baked oat-based buns that'll probably be lasting at least a couple weeks. No commercial ones this year.

They didn't turn out exactly as planned - a bit more flour than necessary and as such a bit more compact than they may have been meant to be but - still good. Soon as you add in that cream and almond honey.

Happy Belated Fat Tuesday y'all.


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  1. S3C
    Friday Feb/19/2021

    Will you be celebrating

    Fruity Friday
    Sugary Saturday
    Starchy Sunday
    Meaty Monday
    Taco Tuesday
    Wegetable Wednesday
    Thirsty Thursday

  2. Cyber
    Friday Feb/19/2021

    Probably not. Have certain resistance to picking up new traditions to start with but...

    Meaty Monday? Fruit Meat-y Monday possibly?

    Sugary Saturday? In the middle of diet and all?

    Add Starch to additionally thwart weight-loss days arts?

    Thirsty = no drinks at all? The ultimate dehydration day?

    Would be fun to run through for some one particular week with a similarly witty day-based schedule though hmm, with certain adjustment then...

  3. Cyber
    Friday Feb/19/2021

    You ever tried that aforementioned stretch?

  4. BirbButt
    Saturday Feb/20/2021

    Damn, that all looks tasty!

  5. Cyber
    Saturday Feb/20/2021

    Heeey the master of unexpected alternative names with apparent bird-based affinity himself is here! XD Thanks for stopping by!

    And it most definitely is. :) Someday this better be a worldwide tradition.

    If you ever feel like picking up the torch and need recipes or irrelevant factoids related to attempts at spreading this fine tradition to new exotic locations I gotcha.

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