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Fat Tuesday Again!

It's that day of the year again! The day when on a wet and snowy morning I embark down to the local cafe to fetch a creamy, sugary Semla.

They started baking a gluten-free alternative this year, and though I wasn't actually planning to buy one I felt compelled to, since my dad went there earlier and asked if they did and they said hey, that's a good idea! We will!

So what if I'm their one potential customer this season? I feel responsible... and like it'd be good to show some appreciation either way. It's a good place! They're family-owned, and use real butter and Swedish cream.

Which most don't. It's cheaper without. Keeping it real Mazarin!

Fat Tuesday Again!

So there it is, the real thing! I'm glad I bought one after all. It both looked and tasted a lot better than last year's home-made variant, and really reminded me of that other time.

Looking back at that earliest day it appears I'd just watched the newest Star Wars movie, just like I have now! Good traditions come in twos. :) Though the movie was way better last time around this semla was definitely on par with the traditional alternative... if not better.

I'll be having some of those homemade variates too later this afternoon btw, though now based on pre-bought hamburger bread, along with some cake cause tomorrow's my dad's 75th birthday... and tomorrow I'm at work. We'll have a better dinner then, but we're celebrating today, and on Thursday relatives are coming over to join the party, so basically it's a three day celebration! Woo. Good times coming up.

Fun fact: elsewhere in the world this one-day holiday is apparently called Fat Thursday - and it's a feast with Christian origin. To think I've been eating semlor for so many years yet wasn't made aware of this until just now. You live and learn! And live and eat. And eat to live - maybe a creamy piece of sweet, breaded, almond-packed goodness?

You won't regret it.

Unless you really don't like cream, or sweet things, or happen to be lactose-intolerant, or allergic to almonds, or don't want to eat so much fat, or are trying to avoid fast carbohydrates, or just... don't like the taste of it... which is fantastic. I mean the taste is fantastic. So that'd be crazy.

Happy Fat Day y'all.


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