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Fatal Contact (2006)

Fatal Contact (2006)

Note! This entire review is a giant spoiler! Don't read if you want to savor the surprises when you watch it. You have been yarned...

Why are Asian movies so damn SAD? This movie had it all, it had amazing martial art sequences, it had characters you grow to know, complicated relationships, a plot that thickens, fights that get tougher and tougher, sacrifices, decisions... and then they just throw it away. Suicide. Revenge. Blam. Over.

Maybe that's why they didn't build upon the relationships that much; why they seemed to skip past the intimate parts and focus only on the fights, and a few random conversations, so we wouldn't get too attached to the people that die. Great movie, just so damn sad... and it's not the first movie where Jacky Wu just throws his life away. So many good movies, and so much tragedy. Still, I can't give this any less than a...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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