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Favorite YouTube Music 2013

Thought I'd gather together some highlights from the past year, some stuff I've probably posted before, but never in collected form. I recently sent a list of 'stuff I listen to' to a long lost friend, and thought I'd post it here as well. Took a while to rinse out my real favorites from the past year, but here you go, music I could listen to forever:

Skylar Grey isn't really one of my favorite artists, but she's one of the few pop singers I follow, and this one track is my definite favorite so far. She doesn't always go with that snappy 'happy go lucky' style; there's usually some afterthought behind the lyrics. So... that's why I like it? IDK, this track's just great.

I watch a lot of Dan Bull, cause he makes a lot of stuff, and most of it's great, and probably more so because there's a lot of experimental wordplay and rhythmic melodics involved. Though the gaming videos aren't my favorite videos of the videos he makes this is that one exception. It's like it tells a tale of the world; it's more than a game, it's the epilogue of humanity. It's civilization.

¬°Mayday! are a combined group of hiphop artists and musicians: a band. They're a bit like The Roots but with an entirely different style of music that so far just syncs perfectly with what I want to listen to. Plus the lyrics are often down-to-Earth and personal. A probable favorite above.

Froggy Fresh - the same old kid, for real. I'd never heard of him before, but whether he is a troll (as some people claim) or all for real, his vibe is nice and wise and the apparent (?) sincerity makes it twice as nice. And inspiring. And different. And fun.

This is how I was officially introduced to the wonders of dubstep. Korn didn't leave a good first impression but then... sssShawnnnn came along! Formerly. Now he's known as Shawn Wasabi.

This was late 2012 but that's like 2013 so wth time is relative anyway... it's Mac Lethal.

Watsky made some great stuff this year.

A real basket case right there.

I'd never watched a Cypher before 2012, and suddenly they're everywhere! Kendrick seems be be blowing up too, though I was a bit disappointed in his Control verse, with all the hype surrounding it I was expecting something way more explicit, and it was just... it was just good. This dis culture, I can't really get into it, I prefer the down-to Earth and intimate - personal and pinterest.

Yeaaah. After Berzerk expectations dropped. Then this one came along.

It was a good year!


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